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A Growing List of Coronavirus Scams

A master list of known and alleged scams.

Consumer News

A Growing List of Coronavirus Scams

The COVID-19 vaccine is here. But that doesn’t mean an end to coronavirus scams. In fact, the FTC has already warned of scams related to the vaccine rollout. Meanwhile, COVID cases in the U.S. are surging, again.

Throughout the pandemic, has maintained this list of known and alleged coronavirus scams. Any marketer that seeks to take advantage of the pandemic, either through the dissemination of false health claims or the deceptive marketing of “pandemic-proof” business opportunities or any other coronavirus-related scheme, is a potential candidate for the list.

We will continue to update this post regularly. And if there is a product or company you think should be added to the list, let us know here. legal actions ad alerts

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More than 300 FDA/FTC warning letters (click to see list)

*Restore Med Clinic was one of more than 40 IV therapy clinics a investigation found using deceptive COVID-19 claims in violation of federal law.

Additional government actions (alleging, among other things, PPP loan/COVID relief fraud, PPE price gouging, vaccine scams, fraudulent cures and an online “puppy scam”)

If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself (and others) from the coronavirus, the CDC has several suggestions, including washing your hands often, avoiding close contact with people who are sick and wearing a mask in public.

Find more information from the CDC here.

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