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If you spot or believe that you are a victim of a false, misleading or deceptive advertisement in the United States, you can submit a complaint to Please remember that our mission focuses on advertising so this process should not be used to submit complaints about products or service issues.

WHAT? Report false, misleading, or deceptive advertising.

WHY? Your submission may be posted publicly to our Ad Alert page to warn and educate others about a false, misleading, or deceptive ad in the marketplace. The information you submit may also be used to file a complaint with outside agencies.

Please note that while takes every complaint we receive very seriously, we cannot guarantee that we will take action on every single one.

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  1. Download, print, and complete this form.
  2. Mail it to us at:

Truth in Advertising, Inc. P.O. Box 927 Madison, CT 06443

You can also file complaints directly with the appropriate state or federal agencies.

*ATENCIÓN Consumidores afectados por Homes CNL/Smart CNL
Gracias por alertarnos de la estafa. Hemos escrito sobre la estafa que subre el consumidor en nuestro sitio web y no es necesario reportar más quejas a Próximo paso: Las víctimas ahora deben comunicarse con las agencias gubernamentales federales y estatales, incluyendo la FTC y la SEC y reportar sus quejas relacionadas con la estafa.
*ATTENTION Consumers impacted by Homes CNL/Smart CNL
Thank you for alerting us to this scam. We have written about it on our site and no further consumer complaints need to be reported to Instead, victims should now contact federal and state government agencies including the FTC and the SEC.
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