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TINA.org investigated every multilevel marketing company that, as of November 29, 2017, was a member of the DSA, and found that 137 out of 140 — or more than 97% of all DSA-member companies (and/or their divisions) — made atypical and unsubstantiated income claims. TINA.org catalogued more than 3,000 instances of such deceptive income claims across the 137 companies.


  • Notified each company of investigation findings
  • Notified DSA Code of Ethics Administrator


December 18

TINA.org notifies every company at issue of investigation findings, as well as the DSA and DSA Code of Ethics Administrator. Over time, some of the companies respond.

*Note: Certain companies at issue in this investigation appear on the DSA list multiple times because divisions of companies are also listed:

Nu Skin Enterprises (with divisions Big Planet and Pharmanex) is listed three times. All income claims collected by TINA.org are listed under Nu Skin Enterprises.

Regal Ware (with division Saladmaster) is listed twice. TINA.org collected income claims under Regal Ware brand names Saladmaster and Lifetime Cookware.

Moreover, some companies appear to own other companies on the list. For example, WBC Group (aka Willa), for which TINA.org did not find any inappropriate income claims, is part of the “Origami Owl family of brands.” TINA.org did find inappropriate incomes claims for Origami Owl.

Four of the companies (Jeunesse, Kyani, Nerium International and Youngevity International) were previously investigated by TINA.org, which means that some of the income claims for these companies were collected prior to June 2017.



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Prohibited income claims remain in publication despite consumer complaint to MLM’s compliance department.

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MLM becomes the first to have its ad claims referred to the FTC by direct selling self-regulatory program.