A TINA.org investigation initially cataloged more than 100 instances in which Kyani and/or its distributors made or referenced atypical earnings claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures. Since then, TINA.org’s collection has grown to more than 200 examples of Kyani making such claims.

*TINA.org has shortened the length of some videos in the database and has added highlighting to some images in order to pinpoint the income claim(s).

2016 Sampling


Angel Olvera – Facebook
Angel Olvera Millionaire – Facebook
Angel Olvera – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Aime Nunez – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Alex Aguilar – Facebook
Angel Olvera Car – Facebook
Anthony the Assassin – Facebook
Anthony the Assassin 2 – Facebook
Anthony the Assassin 3 – Facebook
Ashley Smith – Online
Audi – Kyani’s Twitter Page
Audi Video – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Australia Pre-Launch – Kyani Official Facebook Page


Becky Bursell Testimonial – Video
Becky Bursell Presentation – Video
Becky Bursell Testimonial – Facebook
Becky Bursell – Kyani Asia Website
Becky Bursell – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Ben Dream Car – Facebook
Beautiful Saturday – Facebook
Benjamin and Cindy Bae – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Brand New House – Facebook
Brenda Fischer Testimonial – Facebook


Carole Higo – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Carl Holland – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Cary Skipper Testimonial – Facebook
Cashing Checks – Video
Charlotte Blue – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Chris Canon Testimonial – Video
Chris Canon Testimonial 2 – Video
Chris Cannon Website – Online
Chris Cannon Success – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Compensation Testimonial – Video
Compensation Plan – Official Kyani YouTube Video
Colby Cogbill – Facebook
Chazzy Hendy Testimonial – Facebook
CJ Maxwell Testimonial – Facebook


Daniela Del Mar Testimonial – Facebook
Dahlgren Kyani – Video
Danielle Mills – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Daniel Lau – Kyani Official Facebook Page
David Wang – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Debbie Hewett Testimonial – Facebook
Diamond Life – Facebook
Dream Car Proud – Facebook
Dream Car Shore – Video
Dream Car Excitement – Video
Dream Car Testimonial – Video
Dream Car – Kyani’s Twitter Page
Dream Car Video – Video
Dream Car Kyani – Facebook
Dream Car Program – Video
Dream Car Program 2 – Video
Drive Your Dream Car – Online


Earned Car – Facebook
Earn Your Car – Kyani’s Twitter Page
East Coast – Facebook
Emeralds – Kyani’s Instagram Page
Erica Gonzales Dream Car – Facebook
EP Natural Testimonial – Online
European Kyani – Facebook
Experience More – Kyani’s Twitter Page


Fallon Zoe Dream Car – Facebook
Fastest Growing Team – Facebook
Fearless Leader – Facebook
Florence Faith Jose – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Founder Introduction – Official Kyani YouTube Video
Free Time – Video
Full Throttle – Kyani Official Facebook Page


Graeme Marsh Testimonial – Facebook
Geneva Rajpute – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Golf Caddy – Video
Graham Woldert – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Grande Rudulph – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Guerrero Millionaires – Facebook


Hannah Smith Testimonial – Video
Hardworking Distributors – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Hungarian Kyani – Facebook


Incredible Income Testimonial – Video
Izumi Car Program – Official Kyani YouTube Video


Jasmine Leonardi – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Julian Mora Testimonial – Facebook
James Bradford – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Jannae Bowens – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Jerry McGee – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Jerry Koshman – Official Kyani YouTube Video
John and Imelda Anderson – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Josefina Swensen – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Joe Madden – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Juan Adalco – Facebook


Kenneth Fountain Testimonial – Facebook
Kevin Stockton – Facebook
Keiki-Dawn Izumi – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Kevin Yan – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Komarov Kyani – Facebook
Kristy Kendal – Video
Kyani Canadian – Facebook
Kyani Checks Residual – Facebook
Kyani Lifestyle – Facebook
Kyani Money Making – Facebook
Kyani Cash – Official Kyani Instagram
Kyani Dream Car – Facebook
Kyani Income Presentation – Video
Kyani Opportunity – Facebook
Kyani Success Testimonial – Video
Kyani Income Webinar – Video


Lauren McNeal – Facebook
Lifestyle Testimonial – Video
Life Changing – Facebook
Lorraine Chavez – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Lora Thomas Dream Car – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Lucrative and Stable Income – Facebook


Marie Rudloff – Facebook
Maserati Dream Car – Facebook
Matthew Schuff – Facebook
Malia Horomona – Facebook
Melissa Jade Shammall – Facebook
Mercedes Benz – Facebook
Mercedes – Kyani’s Instagram Page
Meredith Price – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Michael Beazley – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Michael Lundgren – Facebook
Millionaire Mindset – Video
Millionaire Mindset – Twitter
Millionaire Opportunity – Kyani’s Twitter Page
Millionaire Dreams – Kyani’s Twitter Page
Millionaires – Facebook
Mike Curtis Dream Car – Facebook
Mike Akagi – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Money and Travel – Video
Money Making – Facebook
More and More Checks – Facebook
MLM Industry – Facebook


Nicholas Charleston – Facebook
Network Marketing – Facebook


Out of Debt Testimonial – Video


Pure Health Kyani – Online
Pure Health – Facebook
Philippines Opportunity – Online


Qutab Millionaires – Facebook


Rank Bonus – Kyani’s Facebook Page
Roy Walton Testimonial – Facebook
Recognize Opportunity – Facebook
Residual Income – Facebook
Reena Didi – Facebook
Revolution Testimonial – Facebook
Ricky Brown – Kyani’s YouTube Page


Sapphire in Sixty Days – Facebook
Sapphire Program – Official Kyani YouTube Video
Shawn Lawrence – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Shelly Chen – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Sherry Check – Facebook
Star of Hope Testimonial – Video
Stefan Edefors – Facebook
Streams of Income – Facebook
Successful Distributors – Kyani Official Facebook Page


Tama Taulau – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Tami Preston Testimonial – Facebook
Teamwork Dream Work – Facebook
Team Fusion Kyani – Video
Thankful and Grateful – Facebook
The Miracle of Alaska – Online
Towns Success – Kyani’s YouTube Page
Truck Claim – Facebook


Vince Furfari – Facebook


Wildredo Gomez – Kyani Official Facebook Page
Work From Home – Facebook
Wow! 400 Cars! – Facebook


Yacht Testimonial – Video
Yang J. Kim Testimonial – Kyani Official Facebook Page

2019 Sampling

Kyani 2019 Presidential Trip Facebook
Kyani Amie Braegger Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Angel Olvera – I Live Kyani Youtube
Kyani Angel Olvera Facebook 3_12_19
Kyani Angel Olvera Facebook 12_31_18
Kyani Ashley Cody Godfrey Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Becky Bursell – I Live Kyani Youtube
Kyani Camarie Curtis Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Cash Nest Builders Twitter 5_29_19
Kyani Choon Hong Lee Facebook 6_9_19
Kyani Convention Facebook
Kyani Cydney Mitchell Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Dennis Gutierrez Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Executive Trip 2019 Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Gregg Glover Facebook 6_24_19
Kyani Health and Beauty Facebook 11_1_19
Kyani Helen Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani How One Convention Road Trip Changed Five Lives – YouTube (video, description)
Kyani Iannes Closet Facebook 6_23_19
Kyani Infinity Facebook 11_18_19 (video, description)
Kyani Jose Melia Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Jose Olaguer Twitter 4_15_19
Kyani Junior Lapale Facebook 11_4_19
Kyani Kim Parkinson Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Kim Watts Dream Car Facebook
Kyani Kristin Johnson Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Laura Johansen Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Marites Dungo Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Mary Adams Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Mary Louise Zeller – I Live Kyani Youtube
Kyani Memory Brown Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Mike Akagi – I Live Kyani Youtube
Kyani Monica D La Bastide Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Richard and Laurie Lee Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Rikk Sav Facebook 6_27_19
Kyani Taylor Call Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Team HLH Twitter 5_27_19
Kyani Traci Helton Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Troy Zander Dream Car Facebook (video, description)
Kyani Website Opportunity Page (Overview, Presidential Trip, More Wealth, description)
Kyani Website Our Story (video, description)
Kyani Women Video Youtube