Amare Global/Kyäni investigated Amare Global, formerly known as Kyäni, a multilevel marketing company that sells health products and supplements, and found that the company has used unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims to market its products, as well as atypical income claims to advertise its business opportunity.


  • Notified company of findings
  • Filed complaint with FTC
  • Filed complaint with Idaho attorney general


February 14

As part of its 2023 investigation into 100 MLM companies, notifies Juice Plus of its findings that the company has used atypical income claims to market its business opportunity.

September 20

Amare Global announces the acquisition of Kyäni, Inc.

December 18

As part of its investigation into DSA-member companies, notifies Kyani that it is still using false and unsubstantiated income claims.

May 1

The Kyani Science webpage redirects users to the Kyani homepage. Three days later, on May 4, 2016, the Kyani Science page no longer redirects users but is blank except for a disclosure at the top informing users that it is making some updates.

April 20 sends a reply to Kyani.

April 7

FTC sends a response letter to

April 6

Kyani sends a response letter to

April 5

After getting no response from Kyani, sends complaint letters to the Federal Trade Commission and Idaho Attorney General urging them to investigate the company and bring appropriate enforcement action.

March 28 sends a warning letter to Kyani regarding the deceptive health and income claims being made about the Kyani business opportunity and product lines, and asking that the company remedy the deceptive marketing immediately.


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