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Investigation by Ad Watchdog Reveals What You Should Know About Kyani

MADISON, CONN.  April 5, 2016 Kyäni is an Idaho-based multilevel marketing business that sells nutritional supplements it says constitute a “Triangle of Health.” The company touts that its products, infused with wild Alaskan blueberries and sockeye salmon, allow consumers to experience more health, more wealth, and more life.

A ( investigation, however, has revealed a multitude of issues with the business and the nonprofit has filed deceptive advertising complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Idaho attorney general. Here’s just some of what the ad watchdog found:

  1. Strong Medicine? The company’s founding story is premised on the word Kyäni, which it asserts means “strong medicine” in Tlingit, a native Alaskan language. But a Tlingit expert refutes this, saying strong medicine in Tlingit is actually latseen náakw.
  2. Unsubstantiated Health and Income Claims: has documented 200+ examples of unsubstantiated health and income claims in violation of FTC law. Distributors of the company claim the products can treat, cure, or alleviate the symptoms of cancer, diabetes, ADHD, and more. And despite fabulous income claims,’s analysis of the compensation plan shows that nearly 70 percent of distributors on average earned nothing or close to nothing.
  3. The Biased Science Behind Kyäni: None of the six white papers cited on Kyäni’s website meet the standard of competent and reliable scientific evidence required to support Kyäni’s disease-treatment claims.
  4. Overseas Investigations: Kyäni’s practices have landed the company in hot water in Sweden, Hungary, and Estonia. alerted Kyäni to these deceptive marketing issues and subsequently filed complaints with the FTC and the Idaho attorney general when the company failed to rectify the issues.’s complaint against another MLM, Vemma, resulted in significant legal action by the FTC in August 2015, when it filed a lawsuit against Vemma for operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

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