Youngevity Income Claims Database

A investigation has cataloged instances in which Youngevity and/or its distributors have made or referenced unusual earnings claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures. This company was notified of these findings and, on January 24, 2018, sent a response.

 * has shortened the length of some videos in the database and has added highlighting to some images in order to pinpoint the income claim(s). audited these findings during September 2018. Any URLs or inappropriate income claims that had been taken down as of that time are shown below in gray.

7 figure incomes_Youtube
10k per month_Youngevity
61k monthly_Facebook
100 Millionaires_Facebook
100 Millionaires2_Facebook
Are you next
CEO Qualified_Youngevity
CEO Mega Pak
Corey Gold_Youtube
Dream Car_Youtube
Dr Luis & Evelia Arriaza_Youtube
Pitcock Opp Video Pt.1_Youtube
Pitcock Opp Video Pt. 2_Youtube
HBC Quick Start Training Script
If Money Was No Object_HBC Training Slides
In 2 Years_Youtube
Paid to Unlimited Levels_Youngevity
Tom and Denice Chenault_Youtube
Unlimited Income Potential_Youngevity