Almay investigated Revlon’s Almay Simply American™ marketing campaign and found that the campaign — which included television commercials, social media, online ads, and a national bus tour, all replete with American flags and other patriotic symbolism  — made the implied, unqualified claim that the Almay product line was Made in the USA when more than 95 percent of the cosmetics sold on the Almay website failed to meet the legal standard for making such a claim.


  • Sent warning letter to company
  • Filed complaint with FTC
  • Filed complaint with NY attorney general
  • Revlon removed deceptive origin marketing
Almay ad


April 1

Revlon removes the slogan “Almay The American Look™.”

July 1

As a result of’s efforts, Revlon changed its “Almay Simply American™” slogan to “Almay The American Look™.”

May 19 sends complaint letter to the FTC, as well as to the New York Attorney General’s Office, asking them to take action to halt Revlon’s deceptive marketing.

May 15

Revlon responds to disagreeing with’s findings and asking that it “discontinue any further inquiry into Almay’s advertising.”

May 8 sends warning letter to Revlon regarding its deceptive Almay Simply American campaign, and asking that the company correct the issues within one week.


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