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‘Almay Simply American’ Slogan Gets a Makeover

Revlon Makes Changes After Ad Watchdog Files Complaint

MADISON, CONN. July 2, 2015 — Revlon has made dramatic changes to its marketing campaign for the Almay brand after a deceptive advertising complaint was filed by ad watchdog ( Gone is the well-publicized but problematic slogan, “Almay Simply American.” Almay’s website and social media platforms now read “Almay The American Look.”

Revlon’s actions come just six weeks after published the results of an investigation that revealed that more than 95 percent of Revlon’s Almay line of cosmetics sold on its website failed to meet the legal standard for the “Made in the USA” claim implied by the slogan, “Almay Simply American” coupled with a marketing campaign rife with patriotic symbolism.

The ad watchdog filed complaints with state and federal regulators on May 20 for violating made in the USA standards. Revlon flatly denied the campaign was deceptive; however, the cosmetics giant quietly made changes to its online presence on July 1.

“Revlon has done the right thing in changing its Almay slogan, and in so doing it clearly shows that Revlon came to understand that consumers could be deceived with its Almay Simply American marketing campaign,” said’s executive director, Bonnie Patten.

Earlier this week, took Walmart to task on its use of false and deceptive made in the USA labels found on over 100 products on its website. Walmart is in the process of making corrections.

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