A TINA.org investigation has cataloged over 200 instances from 2005 to 2015 in which Vemma distributors have either made or referenced claims that the Vemma product line can treat, cure, alleviate the symptoms of, prevent, or reduce the risk of developing diseases and disorders.


Alani Tofavaha health testimonial
Alex Morton FB post-quadriplegic health claim re not sick due to Vemma
Alex Morton on FB says Vemma for migraines and refers to vmastories
Amanda Schneider energy, prevents sickness
Axman Vemma tweeting diabetes testimonial


Barish Testimonial-18 months free of medication thanks to the Vemma
Bigisavailable.com containing multiple videos and health testimonials
BK Boreyko-reading a Vemma health testimonial
BK Boreyko-slow down aging process
BK Boreyko-slow down aging process in Vemma video 2015
BK Boreyko-Vemma Clinical Studies documents the 10s of 1000s of testimonies
BK Boreyko-Vemma PM relieves pain and helps one sleep
Bob Dechiaro-Getting started advice contains references to multiple health sites
Bob Moore-Vemma helped with his health
Brad Alkazin and Grady Polycn talking about health benefits of Vemma-cite VMAstories
Brad Alkazin Columbia SC home event making health claims
Brad Alkazin home opportunity event making health claims
Brad Alkazin making health claims-Rutgers-New Brunswick
Brad Alkazin meeting in Macomb, Michigan making health claims
Brad Alkazin pitching health benefits of Vemma at home event
Brad Alkazin San Antonio making health claims
Brad Alkazin throwing it down and making health claims
Brooksmaxxibiz tweet-Vemma helps with heart disease, cancer and others
Bruce Vemma Health Testimonial
Bryce health testimonial took away all arthritis pain
Bryan Mock blog citing VMA stories for health testimonials


C Goble making Vemma health claims on forum
Catch Wellbeing home page listing multiple health testimonials on YouTube
Cecilia Lee on Twitter-Vemma builds body cells to grow young
Chance Stewart Amazing Verve Health results
Cher shares two health testimonials about Lupus and kidney tumor
Chris Sutton on Prezi-cites vmastories for health claims
Club YPR training cites vmastories


Daniel Ladd affiliate website-health stories and reference to vmastories
Darla DiGrandi Facebook photo showing affect of Vemma on blood sugar of diabetes patient
Darren Fryer Vemmafamily site calls Vemma a Cancer Fighter
Darren Sim shared his Vemma and medical reports
Dave Fraser health miracles with Vemma
Dave Rasmussen Vemma Coaching website instructing affiliates to vmastories.com for health testimonials
Dave Rasmussen Vemma Coaching website refers to vmastories for product testimonials
David Scott-Vemma the big picture-multiple health claims and references to health testimonials
DebS on Vemma-Vemma helps with Autism health claim

Dennis Ligon testimonial
Dr. Alan Spagnartti-Vemma helped wife
Dr. Barnet Meltzer-VEMMA Conquering Burnout
Dr. Barnet Meltzer-Your Workout Could Be Killing You
*Dr. John Edwards FB comment-VMA stories attributed to him
Dr. John Edwards-The Secret Behind Mangosteen and Minerals Formula-Part 1
Dr. John Edwards-The Secret Behind Mangosteen and Minerals Formula-Part 2
Dr. John Edwards-The Secret Behind Mangosteen and Minerals Formula-Part 3
Dr. John Edwards-power to impact lives
Dr. John Edwards aging
Dr. John Edwards another version of video with Pete Sanchez
Dr. John Edwards discusses health benefit of Verve
Dr. John Edwards health benefits of mangosteen
Dr. John Edwards making energy claims
Dr. John Edwards making health claims even inferring it works on AIDS
Dr. John Edwards making Vemma health claims
Dr. John Edwards mangosteen health benefits
Dr. John Edwards multiple health claims about Vemma
Dr. John Edwards on Vemma Verve health benefits
Dr. John Edwards speaking about health benefits of Vemma at house meeting
Dr. John Edwards talks about Verve Health benefits
Dr. John Edwards-VEMMA FOCUS chronic disease
Dr. Kent Tai referencing Dr. Edward audio recordings and VMA stories
Dr. Luke Nelligan on his Vemma Health benefits and its effect on inflammation
Dr. Mike Chandlers health testimonial re cholesterol triglycerides etc.
Dr. Steve Bender talks about getting other doctors to join so they can push Vemma to patients
Dr. Yibing Wong and BK Boreyko health benefits of the Vemma Product
Dr. Zainuddin health benefits of Vemma


Ed Loss Diabetes Testimonial
Elaine Wilhelm tweet-claim kidney disease cure
Elaine Wilhelm Vemma site making kidney health claim
Elaine’s Facebook page making health claims
Erin Learner-Vemma Placque psoriasis health testimonials
EWA Colston site with Vemma Health testimonials


Fornash Testimonial-cholesterol
Free Natural Health Cures-Vemma effective in Treating Cancer
Freedomfromyourjob.com says prevents disease and kills breast cancer cells
Freedomfromjob site Topical Use-Rub Vemma on Face, Burns, Sunburns, Lesions, Rashes
Freeport, NY Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggists Sundries Companies forum cites vmastories


Garciniamangostana.org claims can prevent and stop some diseases
Garrett Hill-Moms-Lisa Hill-Vemma Testimonial
Garrett Hill-Moms-Lisa Hill-Vemma Testimonial-YouTube page
Garrett Robinson Vemma Renew-healthy drinks for diabetics
Get Paid Get Healthy health testimonials
Glen, Becki, and Grady Polycn-Vemma Tips- Nutritional information cites vmastories for Vemma health benefits
Glen, Becki, and Grady Polycn-Vemma Tips-refers people to vmastories for great health testimonials


Health and wellness Company-Circle of Moms-Vemma health claims
Health benefits of Vemma-cancer, inflammation and more
Health care provider speaking about Vemma and cancer
Health testimonial by distributor
Healthy Energy Drink tweet re diabetes & Edwards video
Healthy wealthy me website Vemma helps with over 200 diseases


Impact VMA site compilation of Vemma health claims
Insane lanes-health miracle testimonials and CD reference
Insane lanes vemma tools – cites vmatestimonies among other things for health testimonials


Jeremy Anderson his Vemma health story
Jerimiah Perkins Amazing Vemma testimonial
Jerimiah Perkins Amazing Vemma Testimonial-Youtube 2014-11-14
John & Nadaya Melton blog references VMA stories for health testimonials
John Lucas-referring to VMA stories for health claims
Jonathan Briner lower back allergies energy
Judy introduces Vemma at the 2012 EDNF conference
Judy introduces Vemma at the 2012 EDNF conference YouTube page
Judy Pickerel Vemma quickened healing process from hip replacement


Kian Soon Vemma Blog with product testimonials
Kim Macklin Vemma Healthy Energy Brand Partner Facebook-links to VMA page
Krystyna Health testimonials re asthma sinus issues bp cholesterol


Lanny and Deena Morton website w Dr. Edwards The Secret Behind Mangosteen and Minerals recording
Larrea site with Vemma testimonials
Larry and Adam Cross talk about their health benefits from taking Vemma
Larry Satter tells his health testimonial about asthma and allergies
Leadline Resources-Pure Vemma Training referring to Vmastories for health claims
Leigh Heckler making health claims
Levy Orit-suffer from high blood pressure hypertension-use Vemma
Levy Orit – suffer from high blood pressure hypertension use Vemma – YouTube 2014-12-04
Linda Holstein Vemma distributor-health claims
Linda Proctor website for Vemma endorsing vmastories
Lisa Brown Vemma affiliate making health claims
Lisa Kraiger-Vemma helps Aspergers
Lisa Leeja Lee Vemma for Life-VMA testimonials
Lisa O’Neil and friend making health claims after video shows BK blog
Lisa O’Neil helped with MS and fibromyalgia & Carla Coleman Vemma helped with fibromyalgia
Lou Martinez on FB Diabetes and MS
Luke Hessler MSU club verve_presentation_powerpoint-Verve stops hangovers


Mangosteen and Minerals-a plethora of health testimonials about benefits of Vemma

Marcy-Stage IV cancer
Marg Bradshaw RN-Vemma will change your life
Marianne health testimonial
Marissa Weber How Verve saved her life 
Marissa Weber How Verve! Saved me YouTube
Mark D Vemma heals severe inflammation
Matt Morrow and Clif Braun Vemma Get Paid to Drink-Leading with the product and health stories
Mele Tauape-Lewis health testimonial
Meltzer Wellness webpage selling Vemma
Michael & Kathy Chapman-Vemma can cure just about anything

Miguel Mejia-My Vemma testimony-helping with his arthritis
Miguel Mejia-My Vemma Testimony-YouTube 2014-11-17
Miguel Mejia Vemma Page with health claim
Miguel Mejia Vemma Page 2 with health claim
Miha Sajhar tweet re trouble with health, Vemma helps
Mike Messenger talks about her health benefits and improved vision and hearing
Mike Walker-Vemma Team Tips citing VMAstories at Vemma resource

My Vemma Online blog-Asthma testimonial


Nathan Medawar FB citing to VMA stories website
New Healthier Options-Vemma blog with health testimonials
Nigerian social network-chemo health testimonial
Ningbc.vemma.com Facebook-makes health and treatment claims
Notes from Ruth Elliot training


Paul Huet great results w/ cholesterol and carpel tunnel
Peggy Mandato improved blood work
Penny Mercer-posting VMAtestimonials site on FB page
Pepe Matua sharing health testimonial re Vemma


Ray Williams Prostate Cancer Survivor-Vemma helped him heal
Reduce high blood pressure with Vemma
Rob Gouhin Spread the Verve-sites to VMA stories for health testimonials
RON Vemma Health testimonial-eliminate all meds after 9 colonoscopies, from colitis to nothing
Roys Life with Vemma-Helping him fight cancer
Ruth Elliot-conference call about how Vemma helped husband
Ruth Elliot-how she started with Vemma and health impact for husband-referring to prostate


Sally Gongee telling a Vemma story including health claims
San Diego Massage Therapy Deep Tissue Therapy Center citing to VMA stories for health claims
Sean Lavatai health testimonial
Silicon Valley Vemma Health Testimonials on FB

Spread the Verve on facebook-cites to vmastories link
Stem Cells Research-Benefits of Vemma including effective cancer treatment
Stephanie Austin blog page
Stephanie Austin video health benefits to patients
Steve Sansing listing health benefits of Vemma
Steve Toth blog Vemma is one health solution
Susan Holler-lupus and Justin Boyd-kidney issues


Team VMA on prezi health claims
THANK YOU FOR SAFE MY MOTHER-health testimonial
TimLong1968 message board post citing Dr. Oz health issues vmatestimonials
The Secret Nutrition blogspot.com health testimonials
The Vemma Solution-33 reasons you need Vemma
The Vemma Solution Facebook Clinical study findings
The Vemma Solution-33 reasons you need Vemma 2
The Vemma Solution-33 reasons Why YOU & YOUR KIDS need VEMMA posted on FB
TheVemmaSolution.com the World’s Most Powerful Liquid Antioxidant Formula for Kids and Adults
Toby Stringer Headaches from concussion gone after one week on Verve
Tom Alkazin’s Roadmap to Success 2011-VMAstories for Vemma testimonials
Tom Alkazin references vmastories in conference call
Tom Merrick tennis elbow is gone
Tracy Meyers relief from irritable bowel
Twitter-Vemma testimonial 2014-06-13
Twitter-Vmastories.com 2014-6-18


Ukali & Selena White blog Vemma works on migraines and other health issues


Vemma- A Wellness Combination-multiple health testimonials
Vemma affiliate health claim on FB
Vemma Affiliate site Testimonials in English and Other Language
Vemma body of knowledge health claims
VBP Vemma blog-33 reasons to take Vemma
Vemma Dream Machine making health claims
Vemma Get 2 and change your life-cites to VMAstories
Vemma flipbook making health claims re heart, GI tract, eyes and more
Vemma FOCUS Convention 2015
Vemma for asthma
Vemma for Life health testimonials
Vemma health claims on Pinterest
Vemma Health testimonials on Youtube with health comments
Vemma Home Event-health claims
Vemma Mangosteen Juice Review-multiple health claims
Vemma press release touting health benefits of Vemma
Vemma Rockstars cites to vmastories re health claims
Vemma Success LLC claims Vemma prevents degenerative diseases reverses signs of aging
Vemma Team Alpha Member sharing health testimonial
Vemma Testimonials on Facebook making multiple health claims
Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen and Aloe Vera on FB with health testimonials
VMA life multiple health testimonials and reference to vmastories and mangosteen and mineral websites

Vemma testimonials with full names of person giving testimonial

VMA tools selling Meltzer CD
Vemma works blog-health testimonial
Vemma YPR Norge-citing vmastories


Webpage referring to vmatestimonials and Vemma website
Wealthtrainingonline.com-multiple Vemma health claims
What is Vemma?
Why vemma- health
Women gives Vemma health testimonial re hypothyroid issue hair loss and weight gain
Work at home Singapore Vemma health claims


123 Marketing Info blog with Vemma Cancer claims
321 Jahrastafaris video completely cures arthritis
321 Jahrastafaris YouTube channel-completely cures arthritis-2014-12-04

*UPDATE 7/21/15: Vemma notified TINA.org that it had terminated Dr. John Edward’s distributorship on July 15.