TINA.org investigated the meal kit company HelloFresh and found that it deceptively advertises “free” meals to lure consumers to enter their credit card information on its website through a process that employs dark patterns designed to pressure consumers to speed through their transactions and avoid reading the material terms of its subscription autorenewal program, which are not clearly and conspicuously disclosed, in violation of the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA) and FTC law.


  • Filed complaint with FTC
  • Filed complaint with CT and MA state regulators
  • NAD recommended the company make changes to its marketing


July 10

TINA.org sends a complaint letter to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office urging it to take action to stop HelloFresh’s deceptive marketing and illegal business practices.

May 24

NAD investigated HelloFresh’s marketing and determined that it did not properly disclose the material terms and conditions that applied to its “free meals” offers and recommended the company modify its advertising to clearly and conspicuously disclose such information in close proximity to the “free” claims.

NAD also recommended that HelloFresh modify or discontinue its flash sale claims and countdown timer unless the sale or offer is time sensitive.

December 8

HelloFresh returns to regularly making unqualified “free meals” claims in its marketing materials.

October 3

As of this date, HelloFresh revises certain marketing materials to qualify its “free meals” claim to indicate that the offer is for free meals “across 8 boxes” (though still deceptively claims the discount is a free offer) and removes some (but not all) ads using the unqualified “free meals” claim. In addition, with respect to its checkout process, HelloFresh is now using bold font (as opposed to the original regular font) for the language directly above the “Place Order” button referring to the company’s Terms and Conditions.

June 22

TINA.org sends complaint letters to the FTC and Connecticut state regulators urging them to take action to stop HelloFresh’s deceptive marketing and illegal business practices.


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TINA.org Reports Meal Kit Giant HelloFresh to FTC

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TINA.org Reports Meal Kit Giant HelloFresh to FTC

MADISON, CONN. June 22, 2022 While millions of Americans struggle with rising food prices and empty store shelves, meal kit retailer HelloFresh advertises “delicious meals delivered to your door,” enticing consumers…

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