HelloFresh “Free” Ads Database

The following is a sampling of HelloFresh marketing materials that advertise “free” meals that are not actually free, in violation of state and federal laws.

TINA.org audited these findings on October 4, 2022. Any URLs or deceptive “free” claims that had been taken down as of that time are shown below in gray.

Investigation Findings Prior to June 2022 Complaints

HelloFresh Mail and Email Ads
HelloFresh Mail Ad 8/10/22
HelloFresh Mail Ad 6/7/22
HelloFresh Mail Ad 1/7/22
HelloFresh Promotional Email 6/16/22
HelloFresh Promotional Email 6/17/22
HelloFresh Promotional Email 6/20/22
HelloFresh Promotional Email 6/21/22

HelloFresh Website
The following captures were taken from HelloFresh’s website on June 15, 2022.
HelloFresh Site Coupon Codes and Promotions
HelloFresh Site Meal Kit Delivery
HelloFresh Site Plans Banner
HelloFresh Site Popup
HelloFresh Site Timed Popup

HelloFresh Social Media Platforms
HelloFresh Pinterest 1/17/21
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Mindful Meals (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Michelle Makes (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Spicy Coconut Curry (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Moroccan Couscous (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Hibachi Steak (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Sweet Soy (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Mealtime the Musical (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Antoni Porowski (description)
HelloFresh YT 2/23/22 – Cedric Thompson (description)

HelloFresh TV Ads
HelloFresh TV Ad 6/21/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 6/25/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 7/20/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 8/3/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 8/19/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 8/29/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 9/22/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 9/30/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 10/26/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 12/7/21
HelloFresh TV Ad 1/4/22 A
HelloFresh TV Ad 1/4/22 B
HelloFresh TV Ad 1/4/22 C
HelloFresh TV Ad 1/11/22
HelloFresh TV Ad 4/7/22
HelloFresh TV Ad 5/31/22 A
HelloFresh TV Ad 5/31/22 B

HelloFresh Third Party Ads
Next Level Chef FB 12/28/21
Hell’s Kitchen FB 1/2/22
Dish Nation FB 1/6/22
CONEY Twtter 1/9/22
DeadlySlob Twitter 1/14/22
Carly IG 2/20/22
LVNDMARK Twitter 3/8/22
Popdust IG Ad 3/28/22
egg Twitter 4/1/22
Bobby Bones FB 4/7/22
Grant Diamond IG 4/23/22
Kevin Hall IG 5/1/22
Popdust FB Ad 6/3/22

Investigation Findings After June 2022 Complaints