HelloFresh Influencer Database

The following is a sampling of more than a dozen social media influencer ads for HelloFresh in which the influencers failed to disclose their material connection to the company in a clear and conspicuous manner.

TINA.org audited these findings on October 4, 2022. Any URLs that had been taken down as of that time are shown below in gray.

Laken Hammon IG 6/13/21
Robyn Meacham IG 8/5/21
Emily Welch IG 8/8/21
1008 on the Beach IG 10/18/21
Robyn Meacham IG 12/20/21
Jess Fay IG 1/13/22
Uche Madson IG 3/9/22
Hannah Griffin Carvajal IG 3/17/22
Kayline Olson IG 4/19/22
Celest Rayanne IG 4/22/22
Oysters To Pearls IG 4/22/22
Vanessa Fraser IG 4/28/22
Yasmin Jisel IG 5/24/22
Brittany Golinos IG 5/31/22
Laney Morello IG 6/2/22
Monique Dias IG 6/3/22
Jessica Klimkait IG 6/10/22
Designer Diva IG 6/12/22