A TINA.org investigation has compiled a sampling of more than 500 examples of International Markets Live, Inc., otherwise known as iMarketsLive, IML, or IM Mastery Academy, and/or its distributors making unusual earnings claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures.

TINA.org audited these findings during November 2019. Any URLs or inappropriate income claims that had been taken down as of that time are shown below in gray.

*TINA.org has shortened the length of some videos in the database.

2018 Collection
2019 Collection

Web Analyzer Testimonial 11/15/17 A (video)
Web Analyzer Testimonial 11/15/17 B (video)
Web Analyzer Testimonial 4/10/19 (video Avideo Bvideo C)
Web Analyzer Testimonial 2/25/19 (video)
Web Analyzer Testimonial 2/19/18 (video)
Web Analyzer Testimonial 2/17/19 (video)
Global Visionariez (video)
3 Will Set You Free Website (video)
3 Will Set You Free 2/6/19 (video)
3 Will Set You Free 1/20/19 (video)
YouTube 11/3/18 (video)
YouTube 10/10/18 (video Avideo B)
YouTube 10/07/18 (video Avideo B)
YouTube 10/03/18 (video)
YouTube 7/13/18 (video)
YouTube 7/09/19 A (video)
YouTube 7/09/19 B (video Avideo B)
YouTube 6/27/19  (video)
YouTube 6/19/18 (video)
YouTube 6/05/19 (video)
YouTube 5/29/18 (video)
YouTube 5/24/19 (video)
YouTube 4/24/19 (video Avideo B)
YouTube 4/20/19 (video)
YouTube 4/02/19 A (video)
YouTube 4/02/19 B (video)
YouTube 4/01/19 (video)
YouTube 3/22/19 (video Avideo Bvideo C)
YouTube 3/12/19 A (video Avideo B)
YouTube 3/12/19 B (video Avideo B)
YouTube 3/04/19 (video)
YouTube 3/02/18 (video)
YouTube 1/27/19 A (video)
YouTube 1/27/19 B (video Avideo B)
YouTube 1/25/19 (video)
Facebook 9/14/18 (video)
Facebook 6/10/19 (video)
Facebook 6/07/19 (video)
Facebook 6/05/19
Facebook 6/04/19
Facebook 6/03/19 (video)
Facebook 5/20/19
Facebook 5/19/19
Facebook 5/17/19
Facebook 5/16/19
Facebook 4/28/19
Facebook 4/26/19 (video)
Facebook 4/20/19
Facebook 4/11/19
Facebook 4/10/19
Facebook 4/09/19 A
Facebook 4/09/19 B
Facebook 3/21/19
Instagram 10/03/18
Instagram 6/27/19
Instagram 6/25/19
Instagram 6/24/19
Instagram 6/19/19
Instagram 6/18/19
Instagram 6/13/19
Instagram 6/12/19 A
Instagram 6/12/19 B
Instagram 6/12/19 C
Instagram 6/11/19 A
Instagram 6/11/19 B
Instagram 6/11/19 C
Instagram 6/10/19 A
Instagram 6/10/19 B
Instagram 6/04/19
Instagram 6/03/19
Instagram 5/26/19
Instagram 5/25/19
Instagram 5/19/19
Instagram 5/17/19
Instagram 5/15/19 (video)
Instagram 5/10/19 (video)
Instagram 5/08/19
Instagram 5/03/19 A
Instagram 5/03/19 B
Instagram 5/03/19 C
Instagram 4/30/19
Instagram 4/27/19
Instagram 4/22/19
Instagram 4/17/19
Instagram 4/15/19
Instagram 3/24/19 (video)
Instagram 3/22/19
Instagram 3/12/19
Instagram 3/01/19
Instagram 2/23/19
Instagram 2/16/18
Instagram 1/28/19
iML Alex Morton Instagram 7_30_19 (iiiiii)
iML Alex Morton Instagram 8_8_19 (iiiiiiiv)
iML Alex Morton Instagram 10_3_19
iML Branden Thompson Instagram 7_30_19 (iiiiiiiv)
iML Branden Thompson Instagram 8_12_19
iML Branden Thompson Instagram 8_19_19 (videodescription)
iML Branden Thompson Instagram 9_20_19 (aiaiibcdef)
iML Brandon Boyd Instagram 8_30_19 (iii)
iML Brandon Boyd Instagram 9_1_19
iML Brandon Boyd Instagram 9_20_19
iML Bryce Thompson Instagram 7_15_19
iML Bryce Thompson Instagram 7_18_19 a
iML Bryce Thompson Instagram 7_18_19 b
iML Bryce Thompson Instagram 7_20_19 (iii)
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 3_2_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 3_5_19 b
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 3_30_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 4_7_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 5_21_19 (iiiiii)
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 5_29_19 (videodescription)
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 6_7_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 6_12_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 6_26_19 (videodescription)
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 8_6_19 (videodescription)
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 9_9_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 9_11_19
iML Christopher Terry Instagram 9_20_19 (videodescription)
iML David Imonitie Instagram 8_3_19
iML IM Mastery Academy Instagram 9_18_19
iML Jason Brown Instagram 6_29_19
iML Jason Brown Instagram 8_7_19 (iii)
iML Jason Brown Instagram 8_26_19 (iiivideo)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 8_24_19
iML Justin Owens Instagram 9_2_19 (iiivideo)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 9_10_19 (iiiiii)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 9_11_19 (iii)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 9_23_19 (ab)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 10_1_19 (iii)
iML Justin Owens Instagram 10_2_19 (iii)
iML Lil Dubai Instagram 8_6_19 (iii)
iML Lil Dubai Instagram 8_10_19 (iii)
iML Lil Dubai Instagram 9_25_19 (iii)
iML Lil Dubai Instagram 9_26_19
iML Matt Rosa Instagram 7_24_19 (iiiiiiiv)
iML Matt Rosa Instagram 7_30_19 (iiiiii)
iML Matt Rosa Instagram 8_13_19 (iii)
iML Nate from LI Instagram 7_13_19
iML Nate from LI Instagram 7_16_19 (iiiiiiivvvi)
iML Nate from LI Instagram 7_25_19 (iiiiii)
iML Nate from LI Instagram 7_26_19 (iii)
iML Nate from LI Instagram 8_20_19
iML Nate from LI Instagram 8_31_19 (iiiiiiivv)
iML Nate from LI Instagram 9_22_19 (iiiiii)
iML Scotty Huss Instagram 7_21_19
iML Scotty Huss Instagram 7_24_19 (iii)
iML Scotty Huss Instagram 8_9_19
iML Scotty Huss Instagram 8_30_19
iML Website 10_8_19 (iii)
Matt Thayer Instagram 1-21-2019 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 1-22-2019
Matt Thayer Instagram 2-19-2019 (abcd)
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-7-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-16-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-17-2018 (abc)
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-21-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-23-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 3-26-2018 (abcd)
Matt Thayer Instagram 4-8-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 4-23-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 4-28-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 6-6-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 6-7-2018 (abc)
Matt Thayer Instagram 6-9-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-7-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-9-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-24-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-28-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-29-2018 (abcdefg)
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-30-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 7-31-2018 (ab)
Matt Thayer Instagram 8-8-2018 (abc)
Matt Thayer Instagram 9-19-2018
Matt Thayer Instagram 9-22-2018 (ab)
iML Alex Morton Facebook 8_8_19
iML Alex Morton Youtube 8_29_19 (video, description)
iML Andrew James Instagram 7_23_19 (video, description)
iML Andrew James Instagram 8_7_19 (i, ii)
iML Andrew James Instagram 11_10_19
iML Andrew James Instagram 11_13_19 (a, b, c, d, e, f, g)
iML Chad Thompson Facebook 9_14_19
iML Chad Thompson Facebook 11_9_19 (video, i, ii)
iML DJ Chyna Doll Instagram 10_24_19 (video, a, b)
iML Erika G Instagram 11_15_19
iML John Legarreta Instagram 9_13_19 (video, ai, aii, b)
iML John Legarreta Instagram 9_29_19 (i, ii)
iML John Legarreta Instagram 11_20_19
iML Jonathan Lopez Instagram 7_12_2019 (video, i, ii, iii, iv)
iML Julian Kuschner Facebook 9_22_2019 (video a, video b, description)
iML Justin Owens Facebook 10_30_19
iML Keeping Up With Erika Youtube 11_5_19 (video, description)
iML Keeping Up With Erika Youtube 11_25_19 (video, description)
iML Kendrick Keith Instagram 12_1_19 (i, ii, iii)
iML Noily Nezbeth Facebook 11_2_19
iML Saint Vodou Instagram 12_2_19 (i, ii)
iML John Legarreta Instagram 12_2_19 (i, ii)
iML John Legarreta Instagram 12_4_19
iML John Legarreta Youtube 1_13_19 (video a, video b, description)
iML Saint Vodou Instagram 10_29_19 (ai, aii, b, c)

2020 Collection
2022 Collection

Alex Morton FB 2/26/22
Alex Morton FB 4/6/22
Alex Morton FB 4/19/22
Alex Morton FB 4/29/22 (caption)
Alex Morton FB 5/10/22
Alex Morton FB 5/16/22
Alex Morton FB 5/21/22
Alex Morton FB 9/16/22
Alex Morton FB 10/6/22
Alex Morton IG 7/1/22
Alex Morton IG 7/3/22
Alex Morton IG 7/4/22
Alex Morton IG 7/9/22
Alex Morton IG 7/16/22
Alex Morton IG 7/20/22
Alex Morton IG 7/22/22
Alex Morton IG 7/23/22
Alex Morton IG 7/29/22
Alex Morton IG 7/31/22
Alex Morton IG 8/3/22
Alex Morton IG 8/12/22
Alex Morton IG 8/22/22 (caption)
Alex Morton IG 8/24/22
Alex Morton IG 9/16/22
Alex Morton IG 9/24/22
Alex Morton IG 9/29/22
Alex Morton IG 10/4/22
Alex Morton IG 10/6/22
Alex Morton IG 10/8/22
Alex Morton IG 10/13/22 (caption)
Alex Morton IG story 10/6/22
Alex Morton YT 4/6/21 (description)
Alex Morton YT 9/23/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd IG 9/29/22
Brandon Boyd IG 10/3/22
Brandon Boyd IG 10/10/22
Brandon Boyd site – Wealth (videos A, B, C)
Brandon Boyd TT 10/6/22 (caption)
Brandon Boyd YT 7/11/19 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 12/11/21 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 8/23/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 8/30/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 9/18/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 9/26/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 10/3/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 10/9/22 (description)
Brandon Boyd YT 10/11/22 (description)
Dan Adams IG 2/18/22
Dan Adams IG 7/19/22
Dan Adams IG 10/2/22
Dan Adams IG Lifestyle story
Dan Adams IG Testimonials story
Dan Adams TT 3/31/22 A (caption)
Dan Adams TT 3/31/22 B (caption)
Dan Adams TT 3/31/22 C (caption)
Dan Adams TT 4/5/22 A (caption)
Dan Adams TT 4/5/22 B (caption)
Dan Adams TT 4/9/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 5/3/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 5/5/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 6/13/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/13/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/15/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/20/22 A (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/20/22 B (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/22/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 7/29/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 8/7/22 (caption)
Dan Adams TT 8/12/22 (caption)
greatjoy882 IG 9/26/22
greatjoy882 IG 10/10/22 A
greatjoy882 IG 10/10/22 B
greatjoy882 IG 10/12/22
Hersh Anand IG 7/31/22
Ivan Paychecks FB Reel 9/29/22 (caption)
Ivan Paychecks IG 5/26/22
Ivan Paychecks TT 9/29/22 (caption)
Ivan Paychecks Twitter 5/21/22
Ivan Paychecks YT 9/29/22 (description)
Jarrod Taylor IG 10/11/22 A
Jarrod Taylor IG 10/11/22 B
Jarrod Taylor IG 10/11/22 C
Jarrod Taylor IG 10/11/22 D
Jarrod Taylor IG 10/11/22 E (caption)
Jason Brown IG 9/3/22
Jason Brown YT 4/30/22 (description)
Jason Brown YT 9/3/22 (description)
kimberly_george6010 IG 10/12/22 (MC)
Matt Rosa IG 7/25/22
mpaynes IG 10/9/22 A
mpaynes IG 10/9/22 B
soufsideeee IG 8/23/21
Tia Bolden IG 10/11/22
Wes Melcher IG 6/6/22
Wes Melcher IG 7/19/22
Wes Melcher IG 7/24/22
Wes Melcher IG 8/7/22 (caption)
Wes Melcher IG 8/14/22
Wes Melcher IG 8/15/22
Wes Melcher IG 10/8/22

2023 Collection

March 2023

_nataliaasalinaas_____ IG 2/14/23
Alex Morton IG 10/10/22 (caption)
Alex Morton IG 11/6/22
Alex Morton IG 11/8/22
Alex Morton IG 11/11/22 (caption)
Alex Morton IG 11/24/22
Alex Morton IG 11/28/22
Alex Morton IG 2/2/23
Alex Morton IG 2/9/23 (video A, B)
Arianna Llerandi FB 3/13/19 (caption)
Chris Reiff IG 11/7/20
Chris Reiff IG 12/19/20
Chris Reiff IG 5/30/21
Chris Reiff IG 9/20/22
Deondrae C IG 12/4/22
Deondrae C IG 12/7/22
German Castelo Accesswire Article 3/8/20
Hutchinson F IG 2/13/23 A
Hutchinson F IG 2/13/23 B (caption)
Hutchinson F IG 2/13/23 C
Hutchinson F IG 3/1/23
IM mastery academy YT 10/8/22 (description)
IM mastery academy YT 12/12/22 (description)
IM mastery academy YT 1/11/23 (description)
Jamel B FB 3/5/21 (caption)
Jay Awal IG 10/22/22
Jay Awal IG 11/12/22
Joey Wilson IG 7/5/22
Joey Wilson IG 2/8/23
Joshua N FB 2/11/23
Joshua N FB 2/14/23 A
Joshua N FB 2/14/23 B
Joshua N FB 2/14/23 C
Julian Kuschner Blog Post 8/3/19
Julian Kuschner IG 7/20/20
Julian Kuschner IG 10/20/20
Julian Kuschner IG 11/11/22
Lisa S IG 12/4/22
Matt Rosa IG 2/21/23 (caption)
Matt Rosa IG 12/27/22 (caption)
Mike B IG 2/15/23
spela.comfx_ IG 12/6/22
spela.comfx_ IG 12/13/22
spela.comfx_ IG 2/12/23
spela.cooo IG 12/4/22
spela.cooo IG 2/19/23
trade.with.matabites IG 9/30/22
Wes Melcher IG 10/25/22
Wes Melcher IG 11/22/22
Wes Melcher IG 1/3/23
Wes Melcher IG 1/6/23
yrmarkisha IG 2/5/23


May 2023

IML ChristopherT IG 9_28_21 (Video)
IML AlexM YT_4_15_22 (Video)
IML ChristopherT IG 7_19_22 (Video)
IML ChristopherT IG 7_31_22 
IML ChristopherT IG 8_10_22 (Video)
IML AndreA IG 1_3_23
IML Maurice S_IG_2_6_23
IML_PaolaA_IG_2_15_23 (Video)
IML MattR IG_2_26_23
IML MattR IG_3_1_23
IML MattR IG_3_5_23
IML AlexM IG_3_5_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_3_12_23
IML AndreA IG 3_16_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_3_17_23
IML AlexM IG_3_18_23 (Video)
IML Master Academy IG 3_18_23 A
IML Master Academy IG 3_18_23 B
IML Master Academy IG 3_18_23 C
IML MattR YT_3_20_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_3_28_23
IML AlexM IG_3_29_23 
IML AlexM YT_3_20_23 A (Video)
IML AlexM YT_3_20_23 B (Video)
IML AlexM YT_3_23_22 (Video)
IML AndreA IG 3_16_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_4_3_23
IML AlexM IG_4_4_23
IML AlexM IG_4_8_23
IML AlexM IG_4_10_23 (Video)
IML MattR IG_4_15_23 (Video A) (Video B) (Video C) 
IML AlexM IG_4_16_23
IML AlexM IG_4_17_23 (Video A) (Video B) (Video C) (Video D) (Video E)
IML AlexM IG_4_22_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_4_23_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_4_26_23 (Video)
IML AlexM IG_5_4_23 (Video)

June 2023

Alex_Morton_IG_5_21_23 (Video)
Alex_Morton_IG_5_28_23 (Video)

September 2023

IML_AlexM_IG_6_30_23 (video)
IML_AlexM_IG_7_8_23 (video)
IML_AlexM_IG_7_12_23 (video)
IML_AlexM_IG_7_23_23 (video)
IML_BrandonB_YT_6_13_23 (clip A) (clip B)
IML_BrandonB_YT_6_26_23 (video)
IML_BrandonB_YT_7_10_23 (clip)
IML_BrandonB_YT_7_24_23 (clip A) (clip B)
IML_BrandonB_YT_7_25_23 (clip)
IML_BrandonB_YT_8_1_23 (clip)
IML_BrandonB_YT_8_21_23 (clip)
IML_BrandonB_YT_8_22_23 (clip A) (clip B)
IML_BrandonB_IG_8_8_23 (video)
IML_ChrisT_YT_6_27_23 (video)
IML_ChrisT_YT_8_21_23 (clip)
IML_MattR_IG_7_2_23 (video A) (video B) (video C)
IML_MattR_IG_7_15_23 (video A) (video B) (video C) (video D) (video E)

2024 Collection