DSA Companies Health Claims

TINA.org investigated every DSA-member company selling nutritional supplements and found that 60 out of 62 (or 97%) made claims that the companies’ products (which included supplements, as well as devices, clothing, and skin care products) could treat, cure, prevent, alleviate the symptoms of, or reduce the risk of developing diseases or disorders, in violation of the law. TINA.org catalogued more than 2,000 instances of such inappropriate health claims across the 60 companies.


  • Notified each company of investigation findings
  • Notified DSA Code of Ethics Administrator

How We Took Action

September 5

TINA.org notifies the DSA Code of Ethics Administrator of troubling audit results.


TINA.org conducts an audit of investigation findings, which reveals that a majority of DSA-member companies failed to take down over half of the illegal health claims at issue.

November 22

TINA.org notifies every company at issue* (that had not already been notified) of investigation findings. Over time, more than half of the companies respond.

*TINA.org investigated every company listed as a DSA member between March and November 2016 (62 in total). Of note, the DSA Member Directory that was available in March 2016 listed a total of 61 nutritional supplement member companies. (Sixty were listed as selling nutritional supplements and one — Zrii — was not listed as selling anything at all but TINA.org found that the company did indeed sell nutritional supplements.) Further, 5 of the 61 companies listed in the March 2016 DSA Member Directory — Agel Enterprises, Inc., Nikken, Inc., SOZO Global, Inc., Stemtech International, and Xango LLC — did not appear on the DSA Member Directory available in November 2016, which listed one new nutritional supplement member company that was not listed as of March 2016, Forever Living Products.



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