Mary Kay Income Claims – 2021 Collection

A investigation has compiled a sampling of 200 examples of Mary Kay and/or its distributors making atypical income claims to promote the company’s business opportunity.

*Claims collected by in 2017 as part of its investigation into all DSA-member companies are available here.

** has shortened the length of some videos in the database in order to pinpoint the income claim(s).

***Claims shown below in gray have been taken down as of May 2021 audit.

Company Website

MK Website FAQ
MK Website Barbara Serocki
MK Website Emily Lopez
MK Website Jodi Feller
MK Website Kimberly Galindo
MK Website Samantha Springer-Miller
MK Website Shawna Schneider
MK Website Stephanie David
MK Website One Woman Can_Belle Martin (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Cecilia James (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Claudia Chavez (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Coty Maldonado (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Debbie Blackford (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Lexi Larsen (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Marni Hendricks (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Michelle Calbert (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Roxanne Mclnroe (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Rubi Vazquez (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Shannon Duguay (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Stephanie Coker (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Tehrie Brinkley (video, description)
MK Website Sell Mary Kay
MK Website Understanding the Mary Kay Opportunity


Company Page
MK FB 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK FB 01_17_19 (video, description)
MK FB 02_02_17 (video, description)
MK FB 02_05_19
MK FB 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK FB 04_04_19 (video, description)
MK FB 05_22_20 A
MK FB 05_22_20 B
MK FB 05_22_20 C
MK FB 05_22_20 D
MK FB 05_22_20 E
MK FB 05_22_20 F
MK FB 05_22_20 G
MK FB 05_22_20 H
MK FB 05_22_20 I
MK FB 08_21_15 (video, description)
MK FB 08_22_15 (video, description)
MK FB 08_23_15 (video, description)
MK FB 09_01_16 A
MK FB 09_01_16 B
MK FB 09_01_16 C
MK FB 09_01_16 D
MK FB 09_20_16 (video, description)
MK FB 10_10_17 (video, description)

Distributor Pages
MK FB Andrea Funk 01_11_21
MK FB Angela Price Brannon 01_03_21
MK FB Cedra Epp 01_17_21
MK FB Jordan Fryhover 01_12_21
MK FB Jordon Fryhover 01_23_21
MK FB Juan Rodriguez 01_09_21
MK FB Julie Fay 01_14_21
MK FB Julie Hernandez 01_22_21
MK FB Kayla Kaurich 01_10_21
MK FB Kelly 01_15_21
MK FB Lafreda Williams 01_17_21
MK FB Letitia McGuire 01_04_21
MK FB Marilyn Warren 12_28_20
MK FB Melissa Oberster 01_06_21
MK FB Melissa Oberster 01_27_21
MK FB Nurul Hamzah 01_06_21
MK FB Rideaux 01_12_21
MK FB Rubi Nava Vazquez 12_31_20
MK FB Sandy Lopez 01_11_21
MK FB Taylor Collier 01_15_21 A
MK FB Taylor Collier 01_15_21 B
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_07_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_11_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_13_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_30_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_01_21 A
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_01_21 B
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_03_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_06_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_07_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_12_21 (video, description)
MK FB Tiffany Burnett 12_31_20
MK FB Victory 01_09_21
MK FB Wendy W Watts 01_17_21


Company Page
MK IG 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK IG 01_17_19 (video, description)
MK IG 02_02_17 (video, description)
MK IG 02_05_19
MK IG 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK IG 03_31_19 (video, description)
MK IG 04_16_19
MK IG 07_26_19
MK IG 09_01_16 A (video, description)
MK IG 09_01_16 B
MK IG 09_01_16 C
MK IG 09_21_16 (video, description)
MK IG 10_10_17 (video, description)

Distributor Pages
MK IG _ceciliajames_ 09_01_20
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 04_30_20
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 07_06_20 (video, description)
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 10_22_19 A
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 10_22_19 B (video i, video ii, video iii)
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 11_08_20
MK IG akeilaab 07_01_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_02_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_22_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_28_20
MK IG akeilaab 12_15_20
MK IG bellesbelievers 10_11_19
MK IG captainn.carol 01_12_21
MK IG corabethbowler 02_04_21
MK IG daniellastowe 04_01_19
MK IG daniellastowe 04_27_19
MK IG daniellastowe 06_08_18
MK IG daniellastowe 07_02_20
MK IG daniellastowe 10_12_18
MK IG daniellastowe 10_16_20
MK IG daniellastowe 10_17_19
MK IG daniellastowe 11_14_19
MK IG daniellastowe 12_30_20
MK IG daniellehlunsford 07_26_20
MK IG darriannnn 03_16_20
MK IG darriannnn 09_09_20
MK IG darriannnn 12_17_20
MK IG iammrspinder 05_15_20
MK IG jessicaholzbach 04_05_19
MK IG jessicaholzbach 10_17_19
MK IG k_hayes83 01_07_21
MK IG lexilarsenmusic 10_24_20 (video, description)
MK IG lifewith.lauren 03_01_21
MK IG lisaallisonnsd 12_10_20
MK IG mkjilld 03_01_21
MK IG mklady1998 10_14_20
MK IG mleip_ 02_25_21
MK IG rachel___ryan 01_01_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 01_09_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 05_12_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 09_26_20 (video, description)
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_08_21 A
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_08_21 B
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_12_21
MK IG tessa.taylor.marykay 01_31_21
MK IG stacypatrick_marykay 03_01_21
MK IG winnie.dkm 12_21_20


Company Page
MK Twitter 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 02_05_19
MK Twitter 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 03_31_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 05_25_19
MK Twitter 06_05_19 (video, description)


Company Channel
MK YT 01_08_16 A (video, description)
MK YT 01_08_16 B (video, description)
MK YT 01_11_16 (video, description)
MK YT 01_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT 04_15_16 (video, description)
MK YT 05_22_20 (video, description)
MK YT 06_19_20 (video, description)
MK YT 07_10_20 (video, description)
MK YT 07_17_20 (video, description)
MK YT 08_11_20 (video, description)
MK YT 09_09_19 (video, description)
MK YT 09_20_16 (video, description)
MK YT 09_20_17 (video, description)
MK YT 09_22_20 (video, description)

Distributor Channels
MK YT Amy 01_08_16 (video, description)
MK YT Amy Hayes 02_03_20 (video, description)
MK YT Auri Hatheway 05_02_20 (video, description)
MK YT Carina Elizabeth 03_08_16 (video, description)
MK YT Carrie Zuberer 09_07_20 (video, description)
MK YT Catherine Bigger 08_28_20 (video, description)
MK YT Christina Sonnichsen 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Cindy Machado-Flippen 02_25_19 (video, description)
MK YT Claire Mason 01_22_21 (video, description)
MK YT Dana Andrews 01_07_21 (video, description)
MK YT Daniella Stowe 09_10_20 (video, description)
MK YT Epic Opportunity 03_26_20 (video)
MK YT Gloria Mayfield Banks 04_02_13 (video, description)
MK YT Janelle Witmer 11_22_20 (video, description)
MK YT Jenna Ducat 09_23_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kanasha Blue 10_20_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kirsten Simon 09_12_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kisha Zullo 11_27_20 (video, description)
MK YT Lauren Sweeney 02_15_19 (video, description)
MK YT Laurie Jackson 09_17_20 (video, description)
MK YT Lisa Zimmerman 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Mary Ann Brenchick 08_06_20 (video, description)
MK YT MaryBeth Spielvogel 09_03_20 (video, description)
MK YT Melissa Makarick 06_24_20 (video, description)
MK YT Michelle Bailey 08_14_20 (video, description)
MK YT Pink Flamingo Studio 05_27_20 (video, description)
MK YT Portia Franklin 01_16_15 (video, description)
MK YT Sabra Adkins 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Taylor Walker 07_05_20 (video, description)
MK YT Tehrie Brinkley 01_15_21 (video, description)
MK YT Wendy Sorensen 09_19_20 (video, description)
MK YT Work Pray Slay 01_30_21 (video, description)