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Investigation by Ad Watchdog Reveals What You Should Know About Jeunesse

MADISON, Conn., Oct. 20, 2015 — Ad watchdog ( has filed a deceptive advertising complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Florida Attorney General against Jeunesse Global, LLC, a multi-level marketing company founded in 2009 that promises it is “the most rewarding way to stay young.” The anti-aging focused company based in Florida claims to have more than half-a-million distributors in 215 countries and territories with a goal of a billion dollars in sales for this year. But is the company running a legitimate MLM business or an illegal pyramid scheme?

After receiving multiple consumer complaints, investigated the company and here’s what the ad watchdog found:

  1. Unsubstantiated health claims
  2. Outrageous income claims
  3. Dubious before & after images
  4. Founder’s troubled legal history
  5. Numerous state & federal complaints
  6. Recruit and duplicate business strategy
  7. Various lawsuits involving the company
  8. Complicated compensation plan
  9. Claims of genetic & cellular manipulation
  10. Marketplace pricing less than wholesale
  11. Past charity money mystery

Upon contacting the company, Jeunesse admitted that inappropriate income and health claims are prohibited and agreed to ramp up its compliance monitoring. However, problematic claims are still rampant as the majority of the examples of deceptive health and income claims compiled by are still online three weeks after alerting the company. Consequently, filed a complaint with the FTC. It also notified the Florida Attorney General that Jeunesse CEO Randy Ray is in violation of a 2009 order against him. The watchdog group has shared these databases with the FTC and the Florida AG as part of its complaint.’s most recent FTC complaint against an MLM resulted in significant legal action by the agency. The ad watchdog conducted a two-year investigation of Vemma, an Arizona-based multi-level marketing company, and notified the FTC to a number of issues with the company’s marketing. In August, the FTC filed a lawsuit against the company alleging it was operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

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