Snow Teeth Whitening investigated Snow Teeth Whitening, an Arizona-based dental cosmetics company, and found that it was improperly using an FDA logo in its marketing materials, including on its product packaging, website, and social media platforms, in violation of the FDA’s Logo Policy, as well as falsely claiming that its teeth whitening products were FDA-approved. also investigated Snow Teeth Whitening as part of its larger investigation into deceptive social media influencer marketing. To learn more, click here.


  • Filed complaint with FDA
  • Company removed FDA logo and "FDA-approved" claims from its packaging and marketing


August 8 sends a follow-up letter to the FDA regarding Snow Teeth Whitening’s continuing use of the FDA logo in certain marketing materials, including webpages and social media platforms.

July 22

Snow Teeth Whitening’s product packaging (as shown on its website and social media pages) no longer bears the FDA logo. (See this before and after.)

July 17

Snow Teeth Whitening no longer claims on its website that its teeth whitening kit is “FDA approved.” (See this before and after.)

July 10 sends a complaint to the FDA regarding Snow Teeth Whitening’s improper use of an FDA logo.

June 15

As shown in’s Social Media Influencer investigation, Snow Teeth Whitening is promoted by social media influencer Dorothy Wang, who failed to include adequate disclosures of her material connection to the brand in her posts.


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