Savage X Fenty investigated the web-based lingerie company Savage X Fenty, which is a joint venture between TechStyle, Inc. (f/k/a Just Fabulous, Inc.) and music icon Robyn Rihanna Fenty (aka Rihanna), and found, among other things, that it deceptively enrolled consumers in a negative option offer without clearly and conspicuously disclosing all the material terms in violation of a 2014 California Stipulated Judgment, as well as the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA).


  • Filed complaint with CA district attorneys
  • Filed complaint with FTC
  • Savage X Fenty made changes to website
  • CA brought enforcement action resulting in $1.2 million stipulated judgment


November 23

California district attorneys enter into a $1.2 million settlement with Savage X Fenty to resolve deceptive marketing allegations.

August 9

California district attorneys file a lawsuit against Savage X Fenty in state court over its deceptive marketing practices.

As of June 9

Savage X Fenty made changes to the description of when accumulated store credit can be used. At the time filed its complaint, Savage X Fenty told consumers that accumulated store credit can be used “whenever you want” while relegating the truth (i.e., that accumulated store credit can only be used on certain purchases) to its lengthy Terms of Service. Following’s complaint, Savage X Fenty made changes to its website to more clearly inform consumers that accumulated store credit can only be used “on purchases of $49.95 or more and must be used in full in order to be redeemed.”

February 24

Savage X Fenty made changes to its website following’s complaint. Now, when new customers want to add an item to the virtual Shopping Bag, they have two options: (1) “VIP ADD TO BAG,” shown in a black box with white font, along with a brief summary in gray font of the Xtra VIP Membership terms beneath the button, and (2) “GUEST ADD TO BAG,” a white box/black font button featured beneath the “VIP ADD TO BAG” button. In addition, when the “VIP ADD TO BAG” button is clicked, the item is added to the virtual Shopping Bag but the Membership is no longer immediately shown in the Bag until the consumer continues the checkout process.

February 10

Due to Savage X Fenty’s deceptive marketing and illegal business practices, sends complaint letters to the FTC and CA district attorneys urging them to take action.

October 24

Savage X Fenty’s parent company TechStyle, Inc. (formerly JustFabulous, Inc.) enters into a Stipulated Judgment with the State of California.


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