Modere investigated Modere, a California-based multilevel marketing company, and found that it has deceptively promoted supplements as able to balance hormones and treat symptoms of PMS and menopause, among other things, and has used atypical income claims to market its business opportunity.


  • Filed complaint with DSSRC
  • DSSRC issued report finding the company engaged in deceptive marketing


February 14

As part of its 2023 investigation into 100 MLM companies, notifies Mary Kay of its findings that the company has used atypical income claims to market its business opportunity.

December 18

The DSSRC issues a case decision finding that Modere and its distributors use atypical income claims to market its business opportunity and unsubstantiated health claims to market its Project 23 dietary supplements, including the ability to treat certain symptoms of PMS and menopause. (The DSSRC determined that certain other product efficacy claims identified by were properly substantiated.) The case decision noted that the company removed or modified more than 200 social media posts in response to the inquiry but did not commit to permanently discontinue certain efficacy claims in future advertising.

February 17 files a complaint with the DSSRC urging it to investigate unsubstantiated health and income claims made by Modere and its distributors, and to take action.


As part of its larger investigation of the 16 MLMs targeted by the FTC in April 2020 for making deceptive COVID-related claims, finds that Modere has continued to make unsubstantiated health claims and deceptive income claims.

December 18

As part of its 2017 investigation into all DSA-member companies, notifies Modere of findings that it uses atypical income claims to market the business opportunity.

November 22

As part of its 2016 investigation into DSA-member companies that sell nutritional supplements, notifies Modere of findings that it uses unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims to market its products.


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