TINA.org has investigated Herbalife, a California-based multilevel marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, for several years and found that the company used unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims to market its products, as well as atypical income claims to recruit distributors.


  • Filed amicus curiae brief opposing class-action settlement
  • Notified company of deceptive marketing claims
  • Filed complaint with the FTC concerning company's inappropriate coronavirus claims


April 27

TINA.org files a complaint with the FTC against Herbalife for deceptively claiming that its supplements and nutritional products can prevent and help treat the coronavirus by boosting a person’s immune system, and urging the agency to take action.

December 18

As part of its 2017 investigation into all DSA-member companies, TINA.org notifies Herbalife of findings that it uses atypical income claims to market the business opportunity.

November 22

As part of its 2016 investigation into DSA-member companies that sell nutritional supplements, TINA.org notifies Herbalife of findings that it uses unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims to market its products.

July 25

The FTC lawsuit against Herbalife results in $200 million Stipulated Judgment against the company.

July 15

The FTC files a lawsuit against Herbalife for using deceptive earnings claims to market its business opportunity.

May 11

The Final Fairness Hearing is held. The judge grants TINA.org’s Motion for Leave and thus considers its objections to the settlement agreement.

May 14

The Court grants final approval of the class-action settlement agreement.

April 27

TINA.org files a reply to plaintiffs’ opposition.

April 13

Plaintiffs file an opposition to TINA.org’s Motion for Leave to file brief as amicus curiae.

March 16

TINA.org files a brief as (Latin for “friend of the courts.”) A person or organization that is not a party to a lawsuit but has a significant interest in the case and offers information that may be important to the court’s determination. opposing the proposed class-action settlement reached by the parties, as well as a Motion for Leave to file the brief.

November 3

The parties in the class-action lawsuit reach a settlement agreement.


A class-action lawsuit is filed against Herbalife (and amended in July 2014) alleging that the company is operating a pyramid scheme and deceptively claiming that consumers can make money by recruiting new members to the company and selling its products when, in reality, most Herbalife members don’t make any money at all.


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