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Six Super Bowl Advertisers Offsides on the Truth's Big Game scorecard on companies under fire for deceptive ads.

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Six Super Bowl Advertisers Offsides on the Truth

The Super Bowl is the one day of the year when not only are Americans gathering around the television to watch an event, they are also mostly gathering to watch the commercials — for which companies are shelling out more than $4 million. And while Deflate-Gate may be the main controversy surrounding Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks, did a little digging itself to bring you its third annual list of advertisers running afoul of the truth.

Anheuser-Busch: What’s a Super Bowl without a Bud ad? The beer behemoth is planning on airing three ads this year, including one focusing on how the beer is brewed. But maybe the ads should focus on where its beer brands are actually brewed. The company has to reimburse customers for deceptively marketing Kirin as imported from Japan when it’s brewed in the U.S. and it is facing another lawsuit with similar claims regarding Beck's.
McDonald’s: The company is hoping to get some lovin’ from its “Choose Lovin’” Super Bowl ads. But we at aren’t lovin’ its advertised White Hot Chocolate because we can’t find the white chocolate in it.
BMW: While many car companies opted out of ads for the Big Game this year, BMW is returning to promote its electric car. Let’s hope its mileage claims are more accurate than for previous models.
Dove: We have an answer for Dove’s Men+ Care #RealStrength ads that explore true masculinity. It’s putting more women leadership positions in its corporate offices. Only one out of five of the company’s highest paid executives are women.
Nissan: According to the company, its Frontier pickup truck can do amazing things. According to federal regulators, not so much. According to the company, its Infiniti Q50’s Intouch feature can do amazing things. According to consumers, not so much.
Mars: Snickers is the star of its ads this year, but the company is facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges it made misleading nutrient claims and failed to inform consumers that candy is unhealthy.

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