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MyCleanPC pitches itself as the best solution for a struggling PC. But many computer experts trash MyCleanPC as a scam, one that confuses PC owners into thinking they need to pay to fix non-existent problems.

Ars Technica writes that

you and your loved ones should never let these applications anywhere near your PC

And How to Geek says

MyCleanPC offers a “free diagnosis,” which is little more than an attempt to scare people into thinking their computers have thousands of “issues” that can be fixed for an easy $39.99 payment.

According to these sites, MyCleanPC will find thousands of “problems,” even on a brand-new PC. Among other issues, MyCleanPC’s software identifies cookies and browser history — normal, benign computer files — as “problems” that it can solve, and many of its “fixes” can be done by Windows users for free on their own. Plus MyCleanPC’s computer-support products are sold as Recurring offers or subscriptions that continue to bill you until you take steps to shut down the account. These types of offers put the onus on the consumer to remember and to take action, allowing a company to keep gathering in cash from forgetful or busy customers. Be wary of these types of offers, and remember to stop services you no longer want.s.

MyCleanPC also has 22 reviews on Consumer Affairs, 20 of them negative.

MyCleanPC is operated by US Tech Support, which in turn is an arm of the Guthy-Renker empire. We have had our eye on Guthy-Renker before. MaxMySpeed, another member of the Guthy-Renker tech-support gang, is a near-identical service advertised with a near-identical ad.

For more on Guthy-Renker, see our previous article on them here.

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