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New U Life


New U Life investigated New U Life, Inc., a Utah-based multilevel marketing company that sells and markets supplements and nutraceuticals. The investigation revealed a host of issues, including an emphasis on recruitment…

NourishLife speak (Lifetrients)


NourishLife speak (Lifetrients) investigated NourishLife (which later changed its name to Lifetrients) and found that it was deceptively advertising a potentially harmful supplement called SpeechNutrients speak by, among other things, claiming it…

Stream Energy/Ignite


Stream Energy/Ignite investigated Stream Energy, a Texas-based multilevel marketing company that resold electricity and gas to customers, as well as wireless phone and personal protective services, and found that the company…

Energy Drink Industry Marketing


Energy Drink Industry Marketing and the Rudd Center investigated marketing tactics used by the energy drink industry and urged more than 40 companies to review their marketing.



Goop investigated Goop, a New York and California-based “lifestyle” company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow that sells a wide range of products, including supplements, natural “remedies,” oils, crystals, beauty products, clothing,…



WillaGirl investigated WillaGirl, Inc. and found that it was using a number of deceptive marketing tactics to promote its line of skincare products to young girls, including advertising products as…