Class Action

LuLaRoe Pyramid Scheme Claims

Class Action

LuLaRoe Pyramid Scheme Claims

January 2018: The Atkinson, Berry, Haskett, and Rocke cases were voluntarily dismissed. The named plaintiffs in the cases were added to the January 2018 complaint in Lemberg v. LuLaRoe.

October/November 2017: Four class-action lawsuits were filed against LuLaRoe for allegedly failing to disclose that it operates an illegal pyramid scheme. The complaints claim that the company deceptively promised recruits that they would obtain financial independence and easily recoup their investments when, according to the complaints, thousands of consultants never made a profit and only those at the “top of the pyramid” make money. To read each complaint, click on the case names below:

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LuLaRoe found MLM famous for its leggings violated a court order by using atypical income claims.

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