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The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club claims to have exclusive hold on new technology that you need to invest in right away.

And this newly developed substance could render all computers, smart phones, tablets, and hi-def TVs instantly obsolete. In the coming months, every person in America is going to want the brand new versions of these products. And one company holds the key…

What is this substance? Graphene, apparently. It’s a one-atom thick layer of graphite (the stuff found in pencils). Graphene is pretty cool, it’s true, but there is no reason to think a $79 membership with The Oxford Club will get you any information or money that you couldn’t get anywhere else. You can even make graphene yourself, if you’re feeling like a mad scientist.

Investments are always subject to rise or fall in value, depending on what’s going on in the market at any given time. Always remember to do your homework and research the company. Ask the company for references, contact your State’s Attorney General’s Office to see if any consumer complaints have been filed against the company, and search the Internet for consumer reviews.

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