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Post-it Notes ‘Cubes’

Jot this down: These Post-it notes aren't cubes.

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Post-it Notes ‘Cubes’

For all its bluster about being a smart, innovative company that employs thousands of scientists and researchers, chemical and manufacturing giant 3M doesn’t seem to know what a cube is.

As you may recall from grade school, a cube is a three-dimensional object with equal length, width and height (L=W=H). 3M’s Post-it notes “cubes,” by contrast, only have the same length and width.

After receiving a tip from a reader, we dusted off our trusty ruler and went about determining the dimensions of the alleged cube. The product measured 3 inches long and 3 inches wide but only approximately 1.5 inches high.

Notably, the height of the product preventing it from being accurately labeled a cube is omitted from the dimensions listed on packaging (see image at the top of this article). (Packaging also notes the product contains 400 sheets.)

As our reader suggested, the shape of the product seems to fit the definition of a cuboid, which has two square surfaces and four rectangular surfaces.

Maybe one day these Post-it notes will grow up to be a cube. Until then, by virtue of the height being roughly half of what it should be, consumers are being cheated out of double the sheets (400 vs. 800) the product would contain if it were an actual cube.

And your elementary school teacher promised math would be fun. reached out to 3M for comment. Check back for updates.

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