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How Readers Helped Us Hold Deceptive Marketers Accountable in 2023

Consumer tips worth remembering.

Consumer News

How Readers Helped Us Hold Deceptive Marketers Accountable in 2023

In large part our success at relies on readers like you. We depend on reader tips to warn others about deceptive advertising and in 2023, you did not disappoint. We’re not surprised that seven of the top 10 most-viewed ad alerts published on this year started with a consumer tip.

Here are some of note:

Amare Global Happy Juice

Our most-viewed ad alert of 2023 about a supplement MLM’s deceptive and unsubstantiated health claims began with a consumer tip. We were so inspired we made a video to accompany our article.

Frigidaire’s ‘Auto Sizing Pan Detection’

After publishing an ad alert based on a tip we received from a reader who said burners equipped with Frigidaire’s “auto sizing pan detection” do not in fact “auto size” to the perimeter of the pan, a lawsuit was filed against Frigidaire over its “auto sizing” burner claims.

Kind Law/Ben Travis Law

These law firms revised two of their Instagram ads to make clear that “attorneys are investigating” an MLM’s alleged deceptive trade practices and that compensation for consumers is not currently available after alerted the firms to misleading language in the ads following a complaint we received from a consumer.

Lume Deodorant’s ‘Aluminum-Free,’ ‘Clinically Proven’ Odor Control Claims

This was a case where a reader tip led to two ad alerts – one about a deodorant brand misleadingly marketing its products as “clinically proven to control odor for 72 hours” and another about the for-profit company it paid in order to make the “clinically proven” claim.

Pittsburgh Technical College’s Job Placement Rates

After receiving a complaint from a reader who said he did not find work in his field of study after graduating from PTC, even with the assistance of career services, found that the school’s advertised job placement rates don’t tell the whole story.

Post-it Notes ‘Cubes’

A reader helped us uncover a vast conspiracy in the office supplies industry.

Step2’s Made in USA Claims

Thanks to a consumer tip, toymaker Step2 no longer advertises a kitchen playset as “Made in USA of US and imported parts” that, according to the box it comes in, is actually made in Vietnam.

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