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Don't get your hand stuck in this cookie jar trap.

A reader contacted us about a site that offers an exclusive “free” box of snacks. The site is and would-be snackers are asked to enter  the “special” code they were sent to claim the delicious yummy looking finger foods.


But wait.  Not to pour salt on this snack food bonanza, but when would-be snackers are taken to a page to claim the free box, they are asked to enter personal information, including — you guessed it — their credit card information. Language on the screen, if you catch it, explains that to claim the “free” box you actually have to sign up for recurring shipments costing $11.99, which actually means that this free box costs you near $50 a month.


Thus, would-be snackers are actually trapped into a negative option offer. We had to look into the company’s terms and conditions to find out these additional important details:

  • The weekly subscription is active until it is fully canceled.  The cancellation has to take place before the billing day for each period.
  • Your credit or debit card will be authorized for up to the cost of two boxes to verify your payment details and that charge will take 5-10 business days to disappear from your bank statement.
  • The company may change the pricing for the service without any additional notice to you other than updating the site.
  • If your payment details change the company will obtain updated card information from your bank to use for future payments unless you opt out by contacting the company at [email protected].

That’s a lot of stipulations for a free box of snacks. Before giving a company your credit card for a seemingly “free trial” always read the terms and conditions to find out the true costs.

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