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A Closer Look at White House ‘Made in America’ Celebration

A investigation reveals potential issues with White House "Made in America" celebration.

Consumer News

A Closer Look at White House ‘Made in America’ Celebration

Sikorsky helicopters. Gibson guitars. Campbell’s soup.

These were among the items celebrated this summer as part of a “Made in America” week put on by the White House that showcased a U.S.-made product from every state in the Union. But a investigation has found that not all Sikorsky helicopters, not all Gibson guitars, and not all varieties of Campbell’s soup meet the legal standard for unqualified U.S.-origin claims.

But wait, there’s more.

In total, found examples of 10 products on the White House’s “Made in America” list that are either partially or wholly made outside the U.S. This flies right in the face of the government’s own legal standard on unqualified U.S.-origin claims like “Made in America.” The FTC’s Made in the USA standard states that a product must be “all or virtually all” made here to bear such an unqualified claim. (“All or virtually all” means that all significant parts and processing are of U.S. origin and the product’s final assembly took place in the U.S. Anything less and the product must be marketed with qualifying language such as made in the U.S. with lenses from Italy.)

Here is the full list of examples:

 State Company Product Examples of Product Part(s) Made Outside USA
Arkansas Hytrol Conveyor belt Motor made in Italy
Connecticut Sikorsky Helicopters Engine made in Canada
Georgia Chick-fil-A Food Coffee beans from Guatemala/Central America
Indiana Broomcorn Johnnys Brooms Irish linen stitching
Maine Hinckley Yachts Yacht In boats using Yanmar engines, engines made in Japan; in boats using Volvo engines, engines made in Sweden; in boats using Hamilton jets, jets made in New Zealand; teak wood from Burma
New Jersey Campbell’s Soup Soup Ingredients from farmers in America and Canada
Oklahoma DitchWitch Trencher/excavator Products using Honda GX series engines made in Japan; products using Deutz® D2.9 L4 engine made in Germany/Spain
Oregon Leupold and Stevens Sights and scopes Lenses imported from Europe and Asia
Tennessee Gibson Guitars Guitars Rosewood fingerboards from India/Brazil; ebony fingerboards from Africa/Asia; Granadillo fingerboards from Cuba
Texas Stetson Hats Cowboy hats Variety of hats “imported

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