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The surprising percentage of items that are really 50 percent off.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the plant, but apparently bamboo is incredibly soft. So soft that a company called Cariloha has a whole line of products made of the stuff. And right now the company on its website is advertising 50 percent off select bath towels and bath sheets (which, sources say, are like towels only bigger):

Cariloha homepage

But when you click “Shop Now” you are taken to a webpage on which only four of 30 items are actually 50 percent off. The majority of items (19) are marked down between 25 and 29 percent and seven aren’t discounted at all.

“If the ad had said up to 50 percent off or something I could understand,” a reader wrote “But this is just wrong.”

The company has not responded to’s request for comment.

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