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B&H Photo reader says electronics store failed to honor 14 percent discount.

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After viewing an LG camera on B&H Photo’s website, reader Jim D. said ads for the camera and other B&H gadgets started sprouting up on subsequent webpages (for which Jim has cookies to thank).

“Clearly they knew I was interested,” he said in an email.

On one webpage, a banner ad with the blue AdChoices symbol advertised the camera as 14 percent off. But when Jim clicked on the ad he said there was no such discount on the B&H website to which he was directed. In fact, the price — $199.99 — was the same as when he previously viewed the camera on the electronics site.

Jim initiated an online chat with a B&H customer service representative to find out why he wasn’t getting the advertised discount. He was told:

If this ad was located anywhere outside of our website, it is not valid. … Any ads or anything related to B&H outside of B&H’s website is out of our control. There is nothing we can do about that.

Jim was completely nonplussed.

“So apparently B&H’s position is that the ad is placed by some third party and they can’t control it?” he said. “And yet it’s an ad for B&H, which, when clicked, leads me to the B&H website?”

In response to a inquiry, Henry Posner, director of corporate communications at B&H, declined to comment on the ad but said he wanted to reach out to Jim. Here’s hoping Jim gets the deal that was advertised.

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