Ad Alert Does This Look Like a Ski Jacket to You?

When a Google ad offers something the advertiser can't deliver.

Ad Alert Does This Look Like a Ski Jacket to You?

ASOS ski jackets featured image
Three of the eight results when you type in “ski jackets” on, an online fashion store.

The closest thing to a ski jacket on the online fashion store is a designer raincoat that even on the more mild slopes probably wouldn’t stave off the cold for long. So why then is there a Google ad saying, in part, “Ski Jackets at ASOS – Shop The Latest Jackets”

That’s exactly what Twitter user Chris Toogood was musing on this morning after googling “ski jackets” and seeing the ad pop up. Frustrated, he tweeted at ASOS:

Companies that use Google AdWords select keywords that relate to the product or service they offer. (Staples, for instance, might choose, well, staples.) When there’s a match with a term someone has googled, the company’s ad, which companies can write themselves, will appear at the top or side of the page along with other search results. reached out to ASOS for comment but has yet to hear back. We also contacted Google to inquire about whose responsibility it is to ensure that information in its ads are accurate. The company hasn’t immediately responded.

In the spirit of full disclosure, though, we wanted to share how presents its Google ads via AdWords.

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