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19 Things Le-Vel and Its Distributors Deceptively Represent Are Attainable with MLM

Exaggerated earnings claims are not hard to find.


Consumer News

19 Things Le-Vel and Its Distributors Deceptively Represent Are Attainable with MLM

An income disclosure statement may not hold the secret to success (or failure) in a multilevel marketing company but it does give recruits an idea of what they might expect to earn (or lose) as a distributor.

Texas-based MLM Le-Vel does not publish an income disclosure statement. Exaggerated earnings claims, on the other hand, are not hard to find.

A investigation has compiled over 100 instances in which Le-Vel and/or its distributors have made or referenced atypical income claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures. They include the 19 things listed below that the MLM and/or its distributors deceptively represent are attainable with the company, which sells a line of supplements, shakes and patches, known collectively as the Thrive experience.

  1. A million dollars
  2. An 8-figure income
  3. A multimillion-dollar business in 25 months
  4. $800 in your first two weeks
  5. Paying off $50,000+ in debt
  6. Lifestyle getaways
  7. Wi-Fi wealth
  8. Time freedom
  9. Freedom of finances
  10. A Lexus
  11. A Mercedes
  12. “Adult time with hubby”
  13. Going “somewhere on a boat”
  14. Extra cash
  15. A family vacation
  16. Your dream home
  17. Your dream wedding
  18. Something better than a salary
  19. Income that grows while you sleep

According to a recent study, 74 percent of participants in multilevel marketing make no money or lose money.

Le-Vel did not respond to’s request for the company’s income disclosure statement. Check back for updates.

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UPDATE 9/25/20: The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) has issued a case decision based on a complaint finding that Le-Vel and its distributors were making inappropriate health claims about the Thrive product line and atypical income claims about the company’s business opportunity. The decision concluded by stating that “DSSRC will continue to monitor the messages disseminated by the Company’s promoters … and will take prompt and necessary steps … should it identify an ongoing proliferation of unsupported product or income claims.”

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