U.S. Cancer Centers

TINA.org conducted a review of patient testimonials used to promote the 50 cancer treatment centers in the U.S. that spent the most money on advertising in 2017 and found that, of the cancer centers still in business in 2018, 43 out of 48 – or 90% – deceptively used patient testimonials in their marketing materials by promoting anecdotal, atypical patient results without properly disclosing what the generally expected results for a patient in a similar situation would be.


October 22

TINA.org notified each of the cancer centers at issue of the investigation findings.

TINA.org also filed an FTC complaint against one center — for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) — as it was subject to a 1996 FTC consent order prohibiting it from, among other things, using patient testimonials that misrepresent the typical experience of its patients.  For more information about TINA.org’s complaint against CTCA, click here.



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