A TINA.org investigation revealed that numerous cancer centers in the U.S. are deceptively using patient testimonials in their marketing materials, that is, testimonials that promote anecdotal, atypical patient results without clearly and conspicuously disclosing what the generally expected results for a patient in a similar situation would be. Moreover, within this sampling of deceptive testimonials many also promote clinical trials (i.e., research endeavors with no guarantee of therapeutic benefit), as well as novel treatments, such as immunotherapy and/or experimental procedures, without clearly and conspicuously disclosing their limitations, risks and relative rarity.

Below is a sampling of TINA.org’s findings for Fox Chase Cancer Center.  If any of the testimonials attribute the patient’s success to a clinical trial, the entry appears in bold italics.

This center was notified of TINA.org’s findings on October 22nd, 2018.

To learn more about the statistics and criteria used in TINA.org’s investigation, as well as other information, click here.

Name Cancer Type Testimonial SEER 5-Year Survival Rate*
Anthony R. Pancreatic Website 8.5%
Barbara L. Pancreatic Website 8.5%
Barry T. Esophageal; Stomach Website 19.2%; 31.0%
Beth V. Lung Website 18.6%
Bill K. Colorectal, Stage 4 Video (as seen on Youtube) 13.8%
Carol H. Bile Duct Website 17.7%
Carol S. Pancreatic, Stage 1-2 Website 34.3%
Chuck L. Kidney, Stage 4 Website 11.6%
Darnell H. Liver Website 17.7%
Deborah D. Colon, Stage 4 Website 13.8%
Debra G. Kidney, Stage 4 Website 11.6%
Elycia L. Kidney, Stage 4 Website 11.6%
Helene M. Stomach Website 31.0%
James F. Esophageal, Stage 4 Website 4.8%
Jay H. Kidney, Stage 4 Video (as seen on Youtube) 11.6%
Jay K. Bladder, Stage 4 Website 4.8%
Jessica B. Liver Website 17.7%
Joan L. Lung, Stage 3 Website 29.7%
John R. Lung Website 18.6%
Joseph M. Liver Website 17.7%
Louis C. Pancreatic Website 8.5%
Margaret Z. Breast, Stage 4 Video (as seen on Youtube) 27.0%
Maria C. Colorectal, Stage 4 Website 13.8%
Marlin B. Esophageal Website 19.2%
Melissa D. Ovarian Website 47.4%
Michael L. Pancreatic Website 8.5%
Mu S. Kidney, Stage 4 Website 11.6%
Robert K. Esophageal Website 19.2%
Shirley S. Pancreatic, Stage 1 Website 34.3%
Susie B. Lung, Stage 4 Website (video) 4.7%