July 2019: A federal judge granted final approval of the settlement agreement.

January 2019: A federal judge granted preliminary approval of a settlement agreement that would resolve this lawsuit. According to its terms, class members may receive up to $10 for each pair of shoes purchased, with a maximum award of $50 for each person and $100 for each household. The company also agreed to make certain changes to marketing materials and to implement a compliance and training program for a period of five years. A final fairness hearing is scheduled for June 10, 2019. For more information, go to http://www.shoesettlement.com/.

January 2017: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 17-cv-159, S. D. CA.)

December 2016: A class-action lawsuit was filed against New Balance for allegedly deceptively representing that shoes are “Made in the USA” when, according to the complaint, a “substantial percentage” of the components are from other countries. (Dashnaw et al v. New Balance Athletics, Inc. and Does 1-50, Case No. 37-2016-00045461, California State Court – San Diego)

For more information about other class-action lawsuits regarding Made in USA claims and TINA.org’s coverage of the issue, click here.

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TINA.org found iconic sneaker company engaged in deceptive Made in USA marketing.

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