Class Action

Discounts on Shutterfly

Case Name (Date)

Rivali et al. v. Shutterfly, LLC
22-cv-2175, C.D. Cal.
(April 2022)

Rivali et al. v. Shutterfly, LLC
37-2023-00019221, California state court – San Diego


Merchandise sold on Shutterfly’s website


Falsely advertising discounts from artificially inflated reference prices


Rivali case (C.D. Cal.): Voluntarily dismissed When a complaint is dismissed without prejudice, an amended version of the complaint can be refiled.

Rivali case (state court): Settled
(Preliminarily approved)

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Shutterfly Deals on Groupon

Class Action

Shutterfly Deals on Groupon

September 2018: A federal judge granted Shutterfly’s motion to compel arbitration and stayed the proceedings. January 2018: This lawsuit was transferred from state court to federal court. (Case No. 18-cv-266,…

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