Step2 investigated children’s toy company Step2 and determined that it was deceptively marketing its product line using the unqualified “Made in the USA” claim despite the fact that 90% of Step2 products were wholly or partially made outside the U.S., with 5% made entirely in China, according to the Step2 website.


  • Notified company of findings
  • Company suspended all marketing related to its Made in USA campaign


January 25 reaches out to Step2 regarding deceptive U.S.-origin marketing for one of its kitchen playsets, prompting the company to make changes to the product listing.

July 17

Step2 responds saying, among other things, that, as a result of receiving’s letter, the company had suspended all marketing and social media related to its Made in USA campaign while it develops a new approach that eliminates “the confusion” created by Step2’s previous Made in USA marketing.

July 11 sends a warning letter to Step2 notifying it of’s findings and requesting that it remedy the deceptive marketing immediately.


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