Bob’s Discount Furniture investigated Bob’s Discount Furniture’s offer of “interest free” financing and found that the store deceptively advertised its financing by failing to make clear that interest on unpaid balances would be exorbitant and back-charged from the date of purchase, and that consumers must pay more than the amount shown in their monthly bills to avoid interest.


  • Sent warning letter to company
  • Filed complaint with CT regulators
  • CT Department of Consumer Protection investigated and requested changes
  • Company made changes and sent refunds to consumers


Following’s investigation

Consumers report to receiving refunds from Bob’s following our complaint and subsequent efforts.

November 18 sends a letter to the company notifying it of the continuous problem in an effort to prompt Bob’s to fully and immediately correct the issues throughout all of its stores.

October-November continues its investigation, visiting several Bob’s store locations in Connecticut and finding that deceptive marketing of the “interest free” financing offer is still in use despite the company’s assurances to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

May 6

Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection informs that after investigating Bob’s Discount Furniture, the Department requested that the company make revisions to the signs promoting the “interest free” financing offer, as well as the monthly invoices sent to customers.

December 1

William Rubenstein, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Consumer Protection, stated in an email to that the Department of Consumer Protection has opened an investigation regarding Bob’s Discount Furniture’s “interest free” financing offer.

November 19 sends complaint letter to Connecticut Attorney General and Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection asking them to take action to halt Bob’s deceptive marketing.

October 27 responds to Bob’s provision of documents and reminds the company that will notify government regulators unless it makes timely changes to its point-of-sale marketing of “interest free” financing.

October 2

Bob’s Discount Furniture provides some documentation (e.g., training materials, credit forms, etc.) in response to’s warning letter, none of which contradict’s findings.

September 22 sends warning letter to Bob’s Discount Furniture.


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