BMW investigated BMW and found that the automaker is deceptively marketing its 2023 X range vehicles as “built” and “manufactured” in the U.S. despite the fact that the vehicles are either wholly imported from other countries or are made with a substantial amount of imported parts.


  • Notified company of investigative findings
  • Filed complaint with FTC


November 29

A November audit reveals that BMW “unlisted” (but did not unpublish) two videos from its BMW USA YouTube channel that contained deceptive U.S.-origin claims. In addition, BMW’s “Manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina” national television commercial has reportedly  not aired in November, and certain local dealerships identified by as making deceptive U.S.-origin claims on their websites removed the problematic claims from publication.

November 1 replies to BMW explaining, among other things, that deceptive marketing materials remain in publication.

October 20

BMW responds to indicating, among other things, that while it denies violating FTC law, it has and will continue to remove or modify the marketing at issue.

October 17 sends a complaint letter to the FTC regarding BMW’s deceptive made in USA campaign for its 2023 X range vehicles and asks the agency to open an investigation and take appropriate enforcement action.

November 1

As part of its investigation into the automotive industry, sends a letter to BMW notifying the company that it is deceptively marketing certain of its vehicles as “built” or “manufactured” in the United States.


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