Who’s Sponsoring Whom?

| Bonnie Patten

Dear P&G:

I recently read that your global “Thank You Mom” advertising campaign, which has been prominently featured during the Olympics, is expected to generate $500 million in additional sales.

As an avid Olympic viewer, I’ve seen your television ads, which end with the tag line, “Proud Sponsor of Moms.” As a mother of three kids (ages 10, 12 and 14), I assume that I meet with your definition of “mom.” If, as you say, you are my sponsor, then I would appreciate a check for, oh let’s say, $1,000? You see it’s back-to-school time and I could use some extra cash.

If you are not really serious about sponsoring me, then I seriously want to opt out of your commercials – in fact, I don’t recall giving you permission to include me in the first place. So, if you do not intend to pay me, please refrain from including me in your commercials – as in, “Proud Sponsor of Moms, except for Bonnie, who we refuse to sponsor.”

Thank you for your understanding,

Bonnie (aka Mom)

Editor’s Note: This blog originally ran in 2012 during the Summer Games but the writer, Bonnie Patten, feels it still applies to the commercial shown above that Proctor and Gamble is currently running for the Sochi Olympics.

Bonnie Patten

Bonnie, executive director of, is an attorney and mother of three. Her commitment to educating the public about deceptive marketing stems from her belief that education is the only…

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