Fighting Back Against Fake Reviews files comment in support of proposed rulemaking proceeding.

| Laura Smith

The vast majority of online shoppers read and trust customer reviews before making a purchase, making them the key to success for many businesses. The critical importance of online reviews has made them ripe for manipulation and deception leading to a proliferation of false and fake reviews.

To combat this insidious problem, the FTC is now proposing to commence a rulemaking proceeding.

On Monday, filed a comment in support of the FTC’s proposed action. In its comment, discussed its experience investigating such deceptive marketing tactics, including, among other things, the use of virtual influencers, AI-controlled avatar influencers, fabricated testimonials and reviews written by agents of the promoted company.’s work in this area highlights how the use of fake reviews (as defined by the FTC) has been and continues to be a serious and widespread issue. also discussed the importance of consumer reviews to shoppers and how effective they are in driving shopping decisions.

A rule that would allow the FTC to seek large civil penalties against marketers using this deceptive marketing tactic would serve as a valuable deterrent against misleading consumers, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court’s AMG Capital Management decision.

Click here to read’s full comment.

Laura Smith

As Legal Director, Laura is responsible for overseeing’s overall legal strategy. She believes that efficient and ethical markets only work if there is complete – and accurate – information…

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