FTC Fake Reviews Comments

In January 2023, TINA.org submitted a comment in response to the FTC’s request for comments regarding whether to commence a rulemaking proceeding to address fake reviews.

In its comment, TINA.org discussed its experience investigating such deceptive marketing tactics, as well as statistics showing how effective they are in convincing consumers to make purchases. TINA.org also expressed support for the commission’s commencement of a rulemaking proceeding, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court’s AMG Capital Management decision, as a rule will substantially improve the agency’s ability to combat and deter deception and unfairness in this area.

In September 2023, after the FTC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking, TINA.org submitted a second comment, expressing support for the proposed rule, as well as suggesting certain adjustments in order to maximize the proposed rule’s benefits for consumer protection and fair competition in the marketplace.

To read TINA.org’s January 2023 Comment, click here.

To read TINA.org’s September 2023 Comment, click here.


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