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Xfinity Extreme Premier Triple Play

Consumer says he was charged for installation despite a mailing that promised it would be free of charge.

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Xfinity Extreme Premier Triple Play

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This offer from Comcast to upgrade to Xfinity’s Extreme Premier Triple Play — a bundle for TV, Internet and phone — recently materialized in a reader’s mailbox. The reader, enticed in part by the promise of “free installation,” signed up for the bundle and within a few weeks had everything installed.

Then he got an email with a breakdown of all the new charges. Slipped under “Other Charges & Credits,” he said: A one-time installation charge of $50. The reader vented his frustration in an email to (emphasis added):

I called Xfinity and told them that the promotion stated FREE installation. I was told, almost like I should have known it, that the FREE installation was for the Internet and TV part of the promotion … that the $50 installation charge was for the phone.

The reader said he assumed that installation on the whole package would be free of charge — a reasonable deduction with the words “free installation” under the monthly cost of the entire bundle and not just the cost for TV and Internet. He ended his email to with a nod to consumers, albeit on a somber note:

I think that this is a common mistake. Sometimes we read something that says “free,” and we think that they mean “free.”

How foolish of us. But it’s true that free doesn’t usually mean free — especially when it comes to cable companies whose customers have long complained about hidden fees. Consumers need to remember to question this four-letter word.

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