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Visa Gift Card

No fees after purchase but not before. staffer shares story of surprise "purchase charge."

Gift cards may not produce the same blood-curdling reaction as receiving a Nintendo 64 circa 1998 but a lot of Americans buy them as gifts every year. However, many credit card gift cards carry purchase charges that may surprise you at the register. Such were the circumstances surrounding one staffer’s recent trip to a local pharmacy where she purchased this Visa gift card:

Visa gift card circled and arrowed

A $30 Visa gift card ended up costing $35.95 due to a $5.95 purchase charge that the staffer said she wasn’t expecting. After all, the card had stated “NO FEES” in big bold letters (smaller print underneath disclosed “After Purchase”).

But perhaps the card should have read, “FEES Before Purchase” in the same large print.

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