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Verizon: ‘You Dunk It, We Upgrade It’

Except when there's battery damage.


Ad Alert

Verizon: ‘You Dunk It, We Upgrade It’

While Redditors debate why Kate McKinnon keeps her left hand in her pocket for the majority of this Verizon commercial, we’re here to tell you about some of the fine print in another Verizon ad featuring the longtime SNL cast member.

McKinnon says in the ad, above, “Verizon lets you trade in your broken phone for a shiny new one. You break it, we upgrade it. You dunk it, doggy bone it, slam it, wham it, strawberry jam it, we upgrade it.” But according to the fine print, “Trade-in offer excludes phones with battery damage.”

Battery damage is one of the most common types of cellphone damage. And one of the signs of battery damage is that the phone won’t turn on.

After dunking his phone in the Pacific Ocean, a reader said his phone wouldn’t turn on so he took it to Verizon. He noted that the ad starts with McKinnon slapping a bag of rice with a phone in it (which she does with her LEFT hand), a common albeit disproven way to dry out a wet phone. But Verizon wouldn’t accept it because it wouldn’t turn on, he said.

The lesson here? Always read the fine print.

Speaking of which, the fine print also notes that “[i]n times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic,” even if you have a so-called “unlimited” plan.

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