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US Capital Advance

A reader contacted us with a complaint about US Capital Advance, a loan provider she says took her money and never provided her with a loan.

A couple of things to look out for with US Capital Advance:

  • The company’s website doesn’t provide a business address, terms & conditions, or a privacy policy. It just asks for your information.
  • Our reader was able to come up with an address, but the address is now listed as that for America One Unsecured, another loan provider.
  • The U.S. Capital Advance website has a number of typos and inconsistencies — e.g., it’s unclear whether it’s Us (As in us vs. them) Capital Advance or U.S. (as in United States) Capital Advance, and the website says “Get Fund in less than an hour” and “We have recieved our Unsecured Personal Loan just in minutes, What about you.”

Something seems off about this loan provider. Think carefully before going with this group. For more on loans, click here.

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