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Processing Nutri Ninja’s Hidden Shipping Charge

Infomercials fail to adequately disclose shipping charge tied to "free" processor promotion.

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Processing Nutri Ninja’s Hidden Shipping Charge

Nutri Ninja’s “very special free offer” costs $20. But you wouldn’t know that from some of the company’s infomercials.

While an infomercial for the Ninja Blender Duo claims that consumers who purchase the blender also get a “chef-certified food processing system for free,” the details of the processor promotion are never disclosed. For that, you have to go to the product’s website. And even then, it’s not until you click “Buy Now” that you arrive at the real deal:

nutri ninja

A reader who alerted to the issue said she called to order a Ninja Blender Duo after she saw a similar infomercial pushing the same free processor promotion. She said she was caught off guard when a sales representative told her that she would be required to pay  $19.95 to receive the processor.

“There is something written somewhere that says you have to pay the shipping,” she wrote. “I told him I have a 52″ TV and can not see or read anything that states that. … I have watched this ad more times than I care to state and I still do not see anything that alerts me to having to pay shipping on the FREE processor upgrade.”

The Ninja Blender Duo sells for $200 so the additional $20 may not seem like a lot for a processor that the company says is valued at $50. Still, something advertised as free should be free –but often it’s the opposite of free.

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