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A few reasons why you're unlikely to become the next "internet millionaire."

“Internet millionaire” Stone Evans wants to tell you that his Plug-In Profit Site can make you rich and that you can be on your way to earning “huge,” “residual commissions” with your own online business in no time. The best part? He’s done all the work for you. Heck, you don’t even have to get out of bed. Oh, and it’s free because of course it is.

But what Evans doesn’t tell you is just as interesting — and important. After being alerted to the Plug-In Profit Site by a reader who said ads for it were making the rounds on Facebook, looked into the get-rich-quick scheme. Here’s what a video (above) on narrated by Evans fails to inform consumers:

  • The very first example in the video of a successful Plug-In Profit Site,, whose operator, Bernard, earned “$310 in the first 72 hours,” is down for the count. A message on the now-defunct site reads, “If you’re here to report spam or other abuse, there’s no need to because this user’s account is already cancelled.”
  • While the “turnkey website” that Evans says he will personally build for you might be free (emphasis on might), in order to qualify for the big commission checks touted in the video, you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate for no less than five internet-based Multilevel Marketing – a way of distributing products or services in which the distributors earn income from their own retail sales and from retail sales made by their direct and indirect recruits.s whose products and services you must then promote and sell to others on your site. And that costs money. So much money, in fact, that, combined with other expenses, “you can experience significant losses,” says an inconspicuous earnings disclaimer on the company’s site, which is definitely worth reading.
  • Evans says you can trust the five businesses he’s handpicked for you because they are companies “that I REALLY believe in.” But might Evans’ endorsement have something to do with the fact that he has a material connection with the companies? You betcha, says another inconspicuous disclaimer, a compensation disclosure policy, that states: “Because there is a material connection between the Owner and Providers of products or services mentioned on, you should always assume that the Owner may be biased …” (Moreover, has previously alerted readers to two of the five MLMs, Traffic Authority and Digital Altitude, both of which make bold claims about the life-changing commissions its affiliates make.)

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t always trust the internet. Do your research on any online business opportunity before signing up to become the next “internet millionaire.”

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